Divya Darshan - Sri Sri Bijoy Krishna Goswami - Vibhin Drishti-Kon Se

Name of the Book Divya Darshan - Sri Sri Bijoy Krishna Goswami - Vibhin Drishti-Kon Se
Language Hindi
Author Sri Sri Brajeswarananda Das (K.N.Pathak)
Publisher Sri Sri Bijoy Krishna Bhakta Sammilani

About the book

A lamp inspite of its oil-filled container and the wick can only emit light when it is enkindled by another buring source. It applies in case of a truth-seeker also. His dormant soul needs to be ignited through the contact of a GOD-EMPOWERED-LIBERATED-SOUL who is also a deliverer of sins.

His Holiness Bijoy Krishna Goswami is a SADGURU, a deliverer of sins, and a liberator. Like other SADGURUS he has resurrected after relinquishing his mortal body and hence his work continues unabated. The uniqueness of his path is that there is no conflict between his AJAPA YOGA, which the saints practised from time immemorial, and the different religions of the world. A seeker is free to follow meticulously his own religion while practising AJAPA-YOGA.

This book is intended to look at the SADGURU through the eyes of great saints as well as through observation of rapid spiritual growth and transcendation of his disciples and also his intense love and unanimated equanimity towards all creatures including plants & inert objects which only the creator and his close associates possess.

The author has tried to refrain from his personal views less it may look biased.


After the medieval darkness, spiritual renaissance in India started by the end of 18th century. Great saints incarnated in different parts of India to bring fresh tide in otherwise stagnated water that is ritualistic religion, black arts, worship of numerous idols, duels and acrobatics with oration of mantra, japas and weapon of knowledge, sacrifice of animals etc.

Truth seekers were hiding themselves in the solitude of remote caves, hills and dense forests away from the bustling crowds.

Sadguru this time preferred to advent within the city crowds and that too in a family with a luminious past and presently promoters of the medieval traditions and past glory and who used to deliver kulguru deeksha. To flush out the stagnation from within, Sadguru incarnated as Sri Bijoy Krishna Goswami and promulgated AJAPA SADHAN among the common house holders.

The common class who belived in Mantra Japa were disgusted with the strile Kulaguru Mantra that was the family preceptor system and mass exodus has started in order to take shelter in other religions, following the educated class who believed in cultivation of knowledge & Yoga but found their Guru's preaching so high that it was beyond their capacity to absorb.

Sri Bijoy Krishna, by leading a life of a common man and gradually ascending steps by step and reaching the highest state of enlightenment showed the common man that power-infused - "Ajapa Mantra" i.e. naam - yoga can transform an educated or an illiterate common householder equally and take him or her to the same platform of a great saint. For that there is no need to renounce the family life and go to the Himalayas or the forest.

Sadguru Gosaiji showed the actual meaning of renunciation which comes from within and also that the powerful ajapa doesn't distinguish between the rich or poor, a highly educated or an illiterate, a householder or a mendicant, a believer or a non-believer and even an outcast person. He said that a thousand years of darkness can be dispelled by the click of a torch. That is the power of ajapa.

This message came as a great source of hope from the common man who pondered helplessly for a path that suits their life pattern. He also affirmed that this mantra-power will continue for 500 years through medium of his choice. Then he will advent again.

About the Author

K.N. Pathak (b. 30th November 1937), a recipient of gold medal for standing first in Master of Architecture degree from Roorkee University, joined Jadavpur University and retired from there as Professor & Head of the department of Architecture. He has the rare honour of receiving felicitation from the Indian Institute of Architects for his contribution to architectural education.

He was initiated to incessant prayer (Ajapa Naam Yoga) at the age of 15 by revered Swami Asimananda Sawaswatiji (Thakur) a descendent disciple of Sadguru Bijoy Krishna Goswami Prabu. He has a keen bent towards spirtualism. Although he spent a family life, his residence remained vibrant with Keertan, discources and frequenting saints.

Within months after retirement from service, he along with his pious wife left home in pursuit of intense Naan Japa and meditation. Guruji within years unfolded their spirital doors in quick successions. While at Raipur he heard a loud oracle from the sky - VRINDAVAN and then his Guru's voice to go together and stay there in seclusion until further instruction. The splendour of the inner Vrindavan unfolded before them and drowned them in the ocean of joy.

One day Adwaita Prabhu (15th cent AD) and Sadguru Gosaiji appeared together as if living person and asked him to look at their Tilak and do the same way, wear Kanthee (Tulsibeads) and white robes. They were renamed as Brajeswarananda and Krishnapriya and asked to live a renunciants' life while staying together. A few months later Gosaiji reappeared. Putting his feet on his head he asked him to start initiating the seekers on his behalf which miraculously started as specified. It was the Adwaita Saptami of 2005. Then they were asked to come back to Kolkata and carry on selfless service to mankind.