Prashno-Uttar and Pravachan

Name of the Book Prashno-Uttar and Pravachan
Language Hindi
Author Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)
Translator Swami Amalananda Saraswati
Publisher Sri Sri Bijoy Krishna Bhakt Sangh


Consisting of two parts, the first part of this book contains answers to all the questions that a spiritual aspirant wants. Shree Goswamiji’s views was published in the form of booklet taking into consideration all the probable questions that one can have on Yoga Sadhan.

The second part contains a collection of Goswami Prabhu’s lectures and sermons numbering forty one. This is likely to be looked upon as very helpful to the spiritual aspirants. Goswami Prabhu’s lecture in Dhaka and elsewhere used to draw huge crowd belonging to all sections of society including non-Hindus, who used to listen to him spellbound. These sermons motivated them to turning their lives to pious ones. Goswami Prabhu said “This book is as authentic as scriptures. In due time this will be worshipped and respected like the scriptures.”