Collection of Hymns Specially Favourite to Goswami Prabhu

Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Collection of Hymns Specially Favourite to Goswami Prabhu


Raga : Prabhati (Beat : Trital)

Hare Murare Madhu Kaitavare Gopal Govinda gaao re
Gopala Govinda Gopala Govinda Gopala Govinda Gaao re.
Gaao Shree Madhusudana Yashoda nandana, gopijana ballava pranarame.
Ekbar gaao gaao re– pranobhore ekbar gaao gaao re.

Shree Goswamiprabhu

English Translation:
Sing Hare Murare who is the slayer of Madhu and Kaitava (the demons); sing Gopala Govinda. Sing to your heart’s content about Shree Madhusudana, the son of Yashoda and the life of Gopis (because of their love for Him) Sing once, just sing once to your heart’s content.


Raga : Prabhati – (Beat : Trital)

Vrinda Vipine mangala aarati harore nayana anande
Mangala aarati, mangala aarati, suranara bhuvana vande
Mangala aarati hotechhe naachichhe saba sakhi brinde
Gahichhe Kato sakhi brinde, naachichhe kato sakhi brinde
Kiba naachichhe sab sakhi brinde
Radha Govinde gheri gheri naachichhe sab sakhi brinde.
Kunja kunja hotey dhaola gopanari haroite Shree Radha Govinde
Tara jaay Jaay re, Gobinda darashaney jaay jaay re
– Mukhey Govinda Govinda boley jaay jaay re
– Tara Govindaroop hride dhorey jaay jaay re
– Mukhey Govinda Govinda boley Govinda premetey bhorey
Kunja Kunja hote dhaolo gopanari
Haroite Shree Radha Govinde.
Vrinda Vipine mangala aarati haro re nayana anande

Shree Goswami Prabhu

English Translation:
Watch with pleasure the early morning greeting of the deity With lamps and thurible in the garden of Vrindavan
The whole world and the inhabitants of heaven are worshipping
As the greeting of the deity goes on, all the confidants of Shree Krishna are dancing.
So many sakhis are singing and dancing
How beautifully are they dancing
The sakhis have surrounded Radha and Govinda and are dancing in a circle.
The Gopis are running out of their garden homes to watch Shree Radha Govinda.
They go to have a darshan of Govinda.
They utter Govinda Govinda and go
They hold the image of Govinda in their heart, and go
As they utter Govinda Govinda, their hearts are full of love for Govinda
The gopis are running out of their garden homes
See Shree Radha Govinda in this.


Type: Gazal - (Beat: Jhaptal)

Thakur aysa hi naam tumhara
Prabhuji aysa hi naam tumhara
Guruji aysa hi naam tumhara
Patita pavitra liye kara apna, sakala karata namaskara
Jata varana ko puchhata nahin, jachata charanarabara
Sadhu sangame Nanaka budha paai Hari keertana jeev adhara.

– Guru Nanak

English Translation:
Oh Lord such is your name
Oh master such is your name
Oh Guruji such is your name
You turn the fallen ones and the pious to your own
And bow down to all
You do not ask caste or colour, just want the dust of their feet.
Nanak understands from association with saints that the shelter for all lies in praising Lord Hari.


Raga: Bhairabi - (Beat: Kaharba)

Hari se lagi raho re bhai, teri banat banat bani jaai
Teri bigdi baatein bani jaai
Anka tare banka taare taare sadana kasai
Sua padhake ganika taare, taare Meera bai
Daulata duniya, maal khajana, baniya bail chadhai
Ek baat mein thantha laage khoja khabara nahi pai
Aisi bhakti kar ghata bhitara chhoda kapata chaturai
Seva vandana aur adhinata sahaje miley Gosain

English Translation:
Stay linked to Hari, you will gradually reach your goal
All your troubles will get resolved.
Sadhak like Anka and Banka and even the butcher Sadana gets salvation by His name, Even the prostitute who taught her cockatoo to chant the name of Rama got salvation and went to Vaikuntha after death. And the devotee Meerabai too got salvation.
The trader who moves about with his goods and riches on his bullocks abruptly gets robbed of all these by a man-made or natural disaster. This indicates the uncertainty of the worldly life. Leave out falsehood and trickery and hold such a devotion inside. The Lord is easily available through service, worship and surrender.


Tune of Bengali Keertan

Sadai Haribol madhur Hari naamer nai tulana sadai Haribol
Monre sadai Haribol, O mon sadai Haribol
Madhur Harinaamer nai tulana, sadai Haribol
Namey Ajamil Vaikunthey galorey (Haribol boley re)
Madhur Harinaamer naamer dohai diye re
Ajamil Vaikunthe galorey, tarey yamdutey chhute pelona
Sadai Haribol...........sadai Haribol
Jadi bishoyete sukh hotorey—amar abodh monrey,
Kise bhule roli rey—din to boye galorey
Tobey Lalaji fakir hotona. sadai Haribol.
Namey mahapapi torey galorey
Naamey Jagai Madhai torey galorey
Haribole boley rey—Jagai Madhai......
Hari namer guney rey—Jagai Madhai....
Naamey aamra sabai torey jabo rey
Bhobey apar naamer mahima sadai Haribol...
Naamey Roop Sanatan fakir holorey
Tader kiser abhav chhilorey
Bhai rey ki dibo naamer tulona. Sadai Haribol.

English Translation:
Chant Haribol all the time, sweet Harinaam has no parallel, chant Haribol always.
Dear mind chant Haribol all the time, chant Haribol always.
Sweet Harinaam has no parallel, chant Haribol always
Ajamil reached Vaikuntha by chanting the naam, just by chanting Haribol
Just swearing by naam Ajamil reached Vaikuntha, the messengers of yama failed to touch Him.
Chant Haribol always, always chant Haribol.
Oh my slow witted mind only if wealth could deliver happiness
Then Lalaji could not have become a pauper.
The whole day has passed by— what has made you so forgetful
Chant Haribol always.
By this naam great sinners achieved salvation
By this naam Jagai and Madhai achieved salvation
By chanting Haribol Jagai Madhai achieved salvation
By this naam we all shall be free
Limitless is the grace of naam in this world. Chant Haribol always.
Roop and Sanatan became fakirs by this naam
Did they have any need unfulfilled?
Dear brother, naam has no parallel, chant Harinaam always.


Tune of Bengali Keertan

Tora ke nibi loot lootey ne (bhai) ke nibi loot lootey ne
Nitai Chander premer bajare
Hater raja Nityananda, patro holen Shree Chaitanya
Munshigiri dilen Advaitere
Abar Haridas khajanchi hoye loot bilalo sabare
Haribol Haribol boley loot bilalo sabare
Nitai Chander premer bajare
Brahma Vishnu Maheshwar tarao bhaben nirantar
Dhyanjoge na pelen jaahare
Abar Narad rishi mogno hoye veena jantre gaan korey
Haribol Haribol boley (Narad) veena jantre gaan korey
Nitai Chander premer bajare.

English Translation:
Who among you wants to take the loot, come on, loot now
In Nitaichand’s market of love.
King of the trade is Nityananda, container is Shree Chaitanya
He has given the secretary’s work to Adwaita
(And) Haridas the paymaster distributes the loot to everyone
Chanting Haribol Haribol, Hari distributes the loot to everyone
In Nitaichand’s market of love
Even Brahma Vishnu Maheswar too meditate relentlessly
Could not get Him by meditation
And Narad rishi plays Veena and sings, being totally immersed
Narada sings with his veena saying Haribol Haribol
In Nitaichand’s market of love.

- Swami Amalananda Saraswati