Instructions of Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami on "Naam Japa" (repetition of God’s name)

Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Instructions of Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami on Naam Japa

  1. All the scriptures have said, “Naam japa is the only path (for salvation) in Kaliyuga”.

  2. It is enough to give naam as a sermon to the world. But one has to have a firm belief as to whose name it is. A name may mean many things. For example the word Hari means the sun, the moon, horse, lion, monkey etc. and Hari also means God, the eliminator of all sins. That is why the meaning of the naam along with it has to be neatly explained. Brahman has many meanings like the universe, the creation, the soul, knowledge, the Vedas etc. That is why primarily it is needed to have the knowledge of the matter. It is enough just to give the sermon of a naam to the one who has the faith, that there is one Supreme Master of the universe. No other sermon is required. Many people say that there is one Master. This is not the indicator of faith. Because faced with even a little bit of adversity they cannot hold faith in the Master. One who does not know anything else, but cries like a child, alone achieves the naamee (whose name it is) because of his childlike simplicity.

  3. One is able to see Guru by repeating naam in every breath and then the conscious form of naam is seen in Guru. The sadhak then understands that Guru and Brahman are one and the same.

  4. Fruits of naam japa can be achieved instantly when one is humbler than the grovelling grass, as tolerant as the tree, respects the honourable and discards ego. But to attain such a state, one should have satsanga (association with spiritually inclined persons), read spiritual books, obey Guru’s orders, serve parents and elders.

  5. One must engage oneself regularly in spiritual practice even for a limited time. Even if it is not pleasing, this should be done similar to swallowing bitter pills. Then the taste for naam will develop gradually. In the case of bilious disorders even sugar-candy tastes bitter in the mouth. The remedy for this is the sugar candy. While taking sugar candy, gradually the sweet taste is felt. Similarly naam itself is the remedy for distaste for naam.

  6. After waking up in the morning and bathing, practice pranayam and naam japa for an hour and then read spiritual books for an hour. Then offer service to trees, creepers, insects which means watering the plants and offering some food to the creatures and then do the household chores. Do not go to sleep just after eating. Read some books after taking rest for sometime. Go for a walk in the afternoon, sing hymns in the evening, later go to bed after having a limited quantity of food. Such a practice will result in a spiritual life.

  7. The word ‘Hari’ is not just a word. Any name which eliminates all sins of any particular person is that person’s Hari. Whoever has faith in a particular name, say Durga, Kali, Rama, Krishna, Narayana, Allah, Khoda, Jesus, that name is Harinaam for him.

  8. Repeat naam always in every breath. No other sadhana is superior to naam japa. This is the best way to erode the result of past actions. It is not easy to repeat naam in evey breath. Repeating naam in other ways even if it is for three or four lakh times or three or four crore times cannot deliver benefit equal to naam japa in every breath. Once the naam gets linked to every breath then one is able to have atmadarshan (recognize the self). Then one is able to understand, “I am a separate entity other than the body.” With naam japa the body becomes satwik (pure) and finally naamamoy (filled with naam). Print of naam is even clearly visible on the body that is filled with naam.

  9. Is it easy to make the mind tranquil? Everything becomes achievable when the mind is tranquil. Initially the mind does remain restless, repeating the naam causes disgust. But one should not give up. Even during extreme unwillingness, naam must be repeated, like swallowing distasteful medicines. It will not help if naam is not repeated forcefully. Once this forms a habit, no more problem remains. Unless the practice of naamjapa becomes a habit, this should not be stopped. Effort must continue. Keep trying. By the grace of God you will achieve everything.

  10. If the vision of gods in dreams be true then worldly attachment is destroyed. There will be no doubt about the vision. You can never forget what you hear from Him and what you feel by His touch and you will certainly believe that you have been blessed and liberated. Such a state can never be achieved if those visions are not real. 11. Those having nocturnal emissions should write the name of a goddess on a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow before going to sleep. They should repeat the naam till falling asleep. Keep basil leaves (tulsi) on the bed and try to save semen from being wasted. What can you do if your strength does not suffice? It should not be stopped by external means. There is a recommendation that one should sleep separately from one’s wife. No one can forcibly stop what lies inside one’s nature. Indra, Chandra and even Brahma have been defeated. These inclinations can easily be subjugated only by taking refuge in God and repeating the naam.

- Above instructions of Gosaiji was compiled by Swami Amalananda Saraswati