A brief introduction of Shree Shree Jagabandhu Moitra


Shree Shree Jagabandhu Moitra

Shree Jagabandhu Moitra

A brief introduction of Shree Shree Jagabandhu Moitra (1859-1929)

Born in the lap of a religious minded couple Ramgati Moitra and Sarada Devi Jagabandhu Moitra completed his school education and became a school teacher at Pabna. Due to intense quest for God realization he came in contact with various religious institutions – i.e. Brahmos, Roman Catholic, Protestants, Baul etc. At last at the age of 28 he took shelter of Sadguru Bijoy Krishna Goswami. Thereafter he left the service at Pabna, being far away on his Guru’s behest. He wanted to spend full time in Ajapa Sadhan but got married to Shantisudha on his Guru’s insistence and joined a new job of teaching thereafter.When their first son Dauji was born Gosaiji told him that his desire based works (Parabdha) were over & instructed him to adopt “Akash-Vritte” (dependence on God alone for a living)

Henceforth Jagabandhu never left the company of his Guru till his last and delved into intense penance and naam-japa. He would sit on his seat after dinner and spend whole night in Ajapa Sadhan as his Guru Gosaiji did and get up at 6’o clock in the next morning. Seeing his intense penance his Guru advised him to take rest on week ends. On Guru Kripa his spiritual upliftment unfolded very fast.

His first supernatural vision was the spirit of Late Dwarikanath Mitra (ex Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court). A renowned person, as he was, could at once be recognized by Jagabandhu. Late Mitra wanted help from Jagabandhu as he was suffering very much in that spirit state. He arranged for alleviation of his suffering through “Gaya Sraddha” by his daughter (it was not done earlier). Later the Late Justice acknowledged thankfully in his subsequent appearance before Jagabandhu.

After four years of intense penance Gosaiji said Jagabandhu has attained the stage from where the mind is always fixed in incessant prayer (Ajapa) in spite of external work.
Gosaiji had said –“Jagabandhu is not an ordinary soul. Sri Govindaji Gopinathji & Madamohanji favor him by asking for bhog (food). Such is his raag bhakti. He is one of His close associates who come to earth for accomplishing upliftment of mankind. One should not judge these souls from their external activities.”

Gosaiji, while in his mortal body, had instructed Jagabandhuji to give deeksha to the aspirants but he never did it till Gosaiji lived. But after his demise Gosaiji asked him thrice in his finer body to give deeksha to seekers. Revered Jagabandhu Moitraji’s first disciple was the son of his Guru brother revered advocate Hemendra Mitra a disciple and a close associate of Gosaiji.

Renowned Swami Premananda Bharatiji and Gosaiji’s direct disciples used to send hundreds of seekers to Moitraji for deeksha.

In many cases disciples saw Gosaiji during deeksha. Many of his disciples reached very high state of Sadhana within a short time. Revered Moitraji always said that Gosaiji is the Guru. He is giving deeksha on his behalf.

Moitraji had attained the stage of incessant inner awareness and remained without sleep. He lived surrounded by many devotees so they were fortunate to observe in him at nights various occult expressions spontaneously oozing out. In a state of external awareness he always tried to control outer manifestation of inner rapture during Japa & Loud chanting (these manifestations are known as Satwik-Vikar).

One day when his wife was not in the room, their younger child got burnt by dipping his hand in a boiling bowl of rice and started screaming. Jagabandhu was in the same room deeply engrossed in meditation. He came back to external sense as he heard the scream but could not move his body to attend the baby until his mother came back. This shows his state of sadhana.

Alike Gosaiji he lived with his family, disciples & co disciples in large numbers yet there was no financial crunch ever seen. Any amount of sweets that might come, he distributed at once without saving for his children who were not present on spot. This shows his stringent adherence to the principles of Akaash-Vritti. Generally he used to take his lunch at 11o’clock but in case any one came late he would ask others to take their lunch and himself wait till the last person came back, however late he may come.

The following books written by him are available—
• Guru Shishya Sambad
• Rishi Charit
• Saral Siddhant Kaumudi
• Karuna Katha
• Life of Sadguru Bijoy Krishna Goswami

In his early age he was a very bold hearted person but after holding the chair of Guru he became very soft. Once he was seen fanning a disciple for a long time while he fell asleep and found to be sweating. When the disciple got up, the Guruji smilingly patted him to relieve him of his embarrassment.
His voice often choked in and tears rolled down whenever he discussed Gosaiji.

Revered Sarojini Mitra (better known as “Maa-Mani”) is a disciple of Jagabandhu Moitraji who had reached a very high level of spiritual accomplishment. Her inner eye had opened and she used to remain engrossed in “leela darshan” even while doing daily routine work.

Her Gopal partook Bhog from her and left physical sign of eating-such as –leaving child like foot prints, portions of food missing, washing hands by dipping in a glass of water etc etc.Sri Jagannathji , Gopalji, Mahaprabhu Gosaiji & other saints often appeared before her and discuss religious matters including Sanskrit scriptures not known to her. She used to keep them in writing.

On her Guru’s behest these were published. One of the books-“Vrindavan Leela” is read as a daily routine in many ashrams at Vrindavan and other religious places.
Moitraji said that he is not going to be spared until all his disciples get the cherished goal. His whole being was so much imbibed with the thought of Gosaiji that his external features gradually resembled with the features of Gosaiji. Even his co-disciples (Guru Brothers) prostrated in front of him as they did to Gosaiji.

Revered Guru Jagabandhu Moitra left his mortals in Calcutta on the Durgastami of 1929 when at Dhacca-Gendaria-ashram. He used to enquire frequently about the Durgastami date; the reason came to light after his death.

Following are his main teachings:-

• Never indulge in sectarianism but stick to the path shown by your Guru.
• Constantly put your effort to remembrance of Naam till you realize that Naam is ever present in your breathing.
• Be careful to follow the do’s and don’ts regarding the food you take.
• We are Vaishnav but not in the ritualistic sense- i.e. “those who worship VISHNU only are Vaishnavs”. In true sense Vaishnavism means worshipping God in “Nishkam Bhav” (without a desire to get something in return). If a devotee of God with the aforesaid ‘Nishkam Bhav’ then he is a Vaishnav. Sri Ramakrishna is revered as a great VAISHNAVA and not a SHAKTA because he worshipped Kali with the relationship of a child and mother (known as Vatsalya bhav). But even if a devotee worships VISHNU with “Sakaam-Bhav” (with a desire to get, health wealth, power or any worldly prosperity) he is not a Vaishnav but a SHAKTA.
• We do not believe in isms bound religion yet if asked, you may say that you belong to “Vaishnav Madhwacharya Sampraday” because Mahaprabhu Sri Krishna Chaitanya acquainted himself as belonging to Madhwacharya Sampraday although he had differences with that sect at many points.

After independence Dhacca Gendaria Ashram was shifted to India. At present the descendants of revered Moitraji and Shantisudha mata are residing at Baruipur near Calcutta and a replica of Gendaria Ashram has been built there in a serene environment. Hundreds of devotees of Gosaiji gather there during functions.

Note: Details of Shree Shree Jagabandhu Moitra ji’s life can also be read in Shri Shri Bijoy Krishna Parijan- Part II.

- Shree Shree Pathak Baba