A brief introduction of Mahatma Shree Shree Mayur Mukut Baba


Mayur Mukut Baba

Mahatma Shree Shree Mayur Mukut Baba

A brief introduction of Mahatma Shree Shree Mayur Mukut Baba

His Early Life:

Mayur Makut Baba was born on 18th July, 1851, in a Brahmin family. His parents named him LalMohan when he was a child. People used to affectionately address him as Mohan. Mohan ji along with his studies was also responsible for taking the cattle (cows) out for grazing everyday.

He used to play while the cows used to graze. One day while playing he forgot about the cows and they went grazing into some other farmer’s land and then his whole farmland was spoiled. The owners went to Mohan ji’s mother and complained about it. Mohan ji’s mother punished him severely for it. This incident kind of changed his perspective towards life and focused his attention towards the real goal of a human being’s life.

Leaving Home:

He was so focused to find an answer to the question that he left home one night. Incidentally, he met some saints and traveled with them to Ayodhyaya. There he started living with the saints in their Ashram. The head of the Ashram, Shree Sitaram ji welcomed him with open arms. He was ten years old at the time and his mind was free from worldly sorrows, happiness and cunningness.

Getting Deeksha:

He got his initiation from Mahatma ji and started to meditate everyday. With meditation he also started learning different forms of Indian martial art like fighting with long sticks, arm wrestling etc. As a child he had a vision of Sita and Ram and got their blessings. People used to feel that Mahaveer ji (Sankat mochan) has blessed him and is helping him to master difficult martial art forms easily.

He used to regularly read Ramcharitmanas, written by Goswami Tulsidas every day. While reading this holy scripture he used to have unique experience and a feeling of very deep satisfaction in his heart. His whole body used to tremble and he would have tears of joy during the time. Also in a state of trance sometime he would laugh, cry, dance, shout out etc. It seemed as if while reading the scripture he could see the all the incidents from his mind’s eye and get totally attached to it.

One day, another group of saints from Puri came to visit Ayodhaya and stayed in their Ashram. Mohan ji’s Guruji asked him to show the saints  visiting from Puri all the religious spots in Ayodhaya. The Head of Puri math was very impressed with Mohan ji. He requested him to join them in Puri. Mohan ji’s Guruji asked him to visit Puri and told him that he needs to perform meditation in that place which will be fruitful for him.

In Puri he was very pleased to see the temple of Sitaram ji. Also in the temple there was a big idol of Mahaveer ji and other Gods and Goddesses. He could feel as if all the idols were alive and he started experiencing their blessings. He also felt that Sitaram ji are in Puri temple in the form of Jagganath ji.

Meditation in Markendya Sarovar:

Later, as per Mahaveer ji’s instructions he went to Markendya sarovar (pond) and started meditating everyday. In a very short span of time Mohan ji was able to achieve a lot spiritually.

Mahaveer ji instructed him to start practicing Ashtang Yog sahdana which entails: Yam, Niyam, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyan and Samadhi. Per Mahaveer ji’s instructions he went to woods near Loknath temple and started meditating everyday. He also gave him a mantra to meditate. Every evening, Mohan ji used to visit the temple in the evening and offer his prayers to the idols. The pujari (saint) at the temple used to give him some offerings and then he used to leave for the woods.

Visit to Kailash:

One day when he was there at Loknath temple in the evening a few other saints saw him. They were very pleased to see him and wanted him to come along with them to Kailash Parvat (mountains). The first day they couldn’t talk to Mohan ji as he left in a hurry. So they waited for him next day and talked to him about visiting Kailash Mountains along with them. Mohan ji got the instructions from the Idol in Loknath temple to visit Kailash with the saints.

While visiting Kailash  they reached a spot which was completed covered in snow. Mohan ji wasn’t wearing any woolen clothes at the time but he started to meditate over there without feeling any cold. The other saints build a little fire and sat near the fire. Mohan ji was in a state of trance when a villager called Jaimal saw him in that state. He got worried about the saint and brought some woolen clothes for Mohan ji and covered him. When Jaimal covered the saint, he opened his eyes. Then he removed all the woolen clothes and kept them aside. Jaimal was very impressed and inspired by the saint and he asked to be his disciple. Mohan ji made Jaimal his disciple and later during their visit to Kailash he served his Guru ji.

One day Mohan ji was meditating in Kailash and a Queen saw him sitting in the cold. She was very impressed seeing this great saint and she gifted him a diamond. She tied the diamond in his hair. When Mohan ji opened his eyes he just removed the diamond and put it away. He had achieved a lot spiritually. Change of weather and extremes of temperatures didn’t affect him at all.

Finally, Mohan ji reached Kailash. There when he saw Shiv and Parvati’s feet he was moved. He almost forgot himself and went into deep meditation. He didn’t feel hungry, thirsty or sleepy at all for days. Sometimes when he would be in a conscious state, he would just have fresh water and some fruits and then again immerse himself in meditation. All the people, staying near by when witnessed this used to address him as “Guharia baba” affectionately.

Harparvati Darshan:

In Kailash mountain, there is a temple of Shree Shree Harparvati which is 32 miles inside the mountain and only very few saints have the right to visit it. They have to be spiritually very advanced to have the right to visit that temple. Mohan ji was able to visit the temple as he had achieved the spiritual level that was required. He had completely surrendered at God’s feet. One day Gopeshwar Mahadev appeared in a vision and blessed him that from now on he had become one with all the souls of this world. This is an important first stage experience in the Rasanand state of experience of God. Next stage is the Shree Krishna leela which is completely dependent upon the mercy of God Shree Krishna.

Mohan ji always used to be immersed in meditation and yet after a point he didn’t see any Leela for days. This made him very impatient and he thought that for sure there is some discrepancy in his meditation.

Sadguru Deeksha and his experiences:

Then one day Shree Radharani appeared before him in a vision and asked him to go Vrindavan. There he was supposed to get initiation from Sadguru Bijoy Krishna Goswami and be his disciple. Although he had achieved a lot spiritually because of the good deeds of his previous birth and hard work from this birth, however he still felt something was missing.

This sense of loss was fulfilled after the initiation from Sadguru. After his initiation Mohan ji completely got immersed in “Brajbhav roop leela ras (devotional love).” Because of his Sadguru’s blessings Mohan ji was able to have vision of Shree RadhaKrishna and he felt he achieved the purpose of his life. Shree Krishna accepted him as a Sakha and gave him a few peacock feathers. Then Shree Krishna gave him another feather from his “Mukut” (crown) and asked him to make a new crown with other feathers and wear it.

His new name: Mayur Mukut Baba:

After thus following the instructions of Sri Krishna he became popular as “Mayur Mukut Baba”. After that he heard a message from God and he was asked to visit Radha Kund in Vridnavan. There he was blessed with the vision of Shree RadhaKrishna and Shree Krishna gave him his flute. He started to play the flute and danced around the Idols with great pleasure. Sometimes he would stop playing the flute and just gaze at the idols and then start worshipping them. The tears of joy would not stop and used to soak his complete attire. After a lot of time was spent like that Shree Radha Krishna assured him that going forward, he would always be able to see them in front of his eyes and in his mind’s eye.

His Spiritual Advancement:

Devotional love and friendship is Brijleela. After getting initiated by Sadguru, Mohan ji was able to have leela darshan (vision of Sri Krishna’s past times) all the time. Later, by chanting the “naam” (mantra) given by Gosaiji, Lord Shree Krishna’s image was seen in him. He used to be in the state of trance most of the times. On continuing meditation, motherly love for Shri Krishna was seen in him. In Vrindavan, he used to see Shri Krishna in all the men and Shree Radharani in all the Brij ladies. He used to play RadhaKrishna in his flute and roam around in Vrindavan. He used to be in a state of trance and continue singing and dancing in the same state. Sometimes he used to have Shri Krishna “bhav” while dancing and singing and sometimes Shri Radha “bhav”.

All the ladies from Vrindavan used to surround him in a circle and sing along. The scene used to remind everyone of the old times in Vrindavan when Shri Krishna used to play the flute and everyone used to surround him.

A Story: One should always respect Saints:

One day, near the bank of river Yamuna, Mayur Mukut baba was singing and playing the flute and all the Brij ladies had surrounded him in a circle and all of them were singing old Brij songs. That day a rich lady was passing by who saw this incident and passed a derogatory remark for Mohan ji. She said a Saint should not dance like this with other Brij ladies. Mohan ji wasn’t aware of the incident at all. While on her way back home she started to get restless and feverish. By the time she reached home she had started vomiting blood. Later she told her husband about what she had said. Her husband knew that Mayur Mukut baba is a great saint and all this has happened because of saying ill things for him. He immediately headed to meet the saint and asked for his forgiveness. The saint said he didn’t know anything but Shree Krishna will set everything right. He got the saint’s blessing and holy water from him and asked his wife to drink it. She completely recovered. The moral of the story is one should never insult or form wrong opinions about great saints. One should always respect them and seek their blessings.

His Love for his Gurubhais:

Mayur Mukut baba never used to stay at one place for a long time. He used to stay in Vrindavan for a few months and return to Kailash Mountains later in the year. In Vrindavan he was popular as Shree Krishna’s  “Sakha” (great friend) and in Kailash he was popular as a great saint of the “Lama” Saints.

He had a lot of affection towards all “Guru bhais” (all the people who get initiated by the same guru become “Guru bhais” (meaning brothers). Once a Guru bhai, Sreenath Das came to visit Vrindavan with his mother. Mayur Mukut baba traveled over 20 miles to come and see him. He helped them a lot though out their stay in Vrindavan. Everyone was spellbound by his love and affection. While they were leaving Vrindavan he came to wish them goodbye on the station on his own and also played the flute for them. He was a great saint and clairvoyant. Sreenath had never mentioned to Mayur Mukut baba about which day and time he would be leaving but he knew it all and came to wish them well. This incident tells us that he knew it all and had great affection for all Guru Bhais.

One day another Guru Bhai, Shyamakant Pandit with some other friends went inside “Radah Kund” in total darkness to spend some time there. Mayur Mukut baba also arrived there and spent sometime with them. After that he used to visit Shyamakant everyday and ask about his welfare. He was very affectionate.

The  Holi festival in Varsana and Nand Village is very popular. It is believed that “ Radharani” is present in sprits for this festival. When Mayur Mukut baba learnt about this he participated in the festival and played flute. All the brij ladies used to soak him with color and surround him and sing songs. It used to be reflection of old times in Vrindavan.

The interaction of Kathiya baba and Mayur Mukut baba:

Ramdas Kathiya Baba was a great saint and he was the head saint in Vrindavan. He used to love and respect Mayur Mukut baba a lot as a great saint. Both the saints had deep respect and love for each other. Kathiya baba had asked one of his disciples to spend time with Mayur Mukut baba. The disciples name was Dwrakanath Dutt. He used to spend a lot of time with baba ji and sometimes spend nights with him praying and meditating together.

One day, kathiya baba was sitting with Gosai ji. Mayur Mukut baba also arrived there and he was playing the flute. He used to call Gosai ji as Krishan ji. When he saw Gosai ji and kathiya baba together his heart was suddently filled with devotional love and he started singing Krishan leela for them and playing the flute. Seeing this kathiya baba got up from his seat and hugged him. They both felt devotional joy together and stayed in the same state for a few minutes.

Since he didn’t have any residence, Mayur Mukut baba used to sit and mediate under a tree (Kaner tree). All the other people who wanted to meet or spend time with him and learn from him used to meet him there. One day, a guru bhai and Manmanthar Roy chowdhury (Manager of a kingdom in Dinajpur) came to visit him. That day it was very cold and also raining. The fire under the tree was almost dying out and everyone was feeling very cold. They told baba ji about the situation. Mayur Mukut baba told everyone that the fire hasn’t died out and Gosai ji is protecting it. He put an iron rod inside the fire and it started burning again. Be it sun, rain, storm or extreme weather, baba ji never used to take shelter in a house. He used to depend on his Guru for protection and was very unattached with everything worldly.

His Vast Knowledge:

Baikunthnath Vedant Vachaspati, who was excellent in Sanskrit language said that Mayur Mukut baba was extremely knowledgeable in the language too. His pronunciation was flawless and language was lucid. One day he heard his views on various religious scriptures and was in an awe of him. Mayur Mukut baba was multi linguistic and has been heard talking in various languages like English, Bangla, Pahari, Telgu, Hindi etc. He said after getting the divine knowledge of Parabhahma nothing is unknown. He also knew astrology and could predict incidents of future

Mayur Mukut baba started Giving Deeksha:

Gosai ji was born to complete the pending work of Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Similarly, Satguru’s unfinished work is to be performed by his disciples. One of such work is to give initiation to other disciples. However, Gosai ji used to directly instruct some of his disciples to start giving initiation to others. Some disciples who Gosai ji had asked to give initiation were Brahmachari ji, Darvesh ji, Varadakant ji and Mayur Mukut baba ji. In the year 1910, he started giving initiation to various disciples.

When disciples used to approach and request him for deeksha, he used to say if my lord Krishna grants permission, it will happen. He used to say he is a mere servant, Gosai ji is the Lord who grants permission.

The news traveled to Bangladesh that Mayur Mukut baba has started giving deeksha. Nawadeep babu found that his son was a spiritual seeker so he sent him to Mayur Mukut baba. He gave him and his wife deeksha together in the year 1910.

Gosai ji’s affection for Babaji:

Gosain ji was very fond of Mayur Mukut baba. This baba admitted himself one day that Krishan ji (Gosai ji, his Gurudev) loves him more than his own son Jogjeevan. The kind of love and affection he got from his Gurudev he used to give similar love and affection to his disciples.

Gosai ji was extremely affectionate and kind towards all kinds of living beings and animals. He used to help the destitute, provide food for monkeys, cows and birds. He also made arrangements so that animals can drink water freely. Similarly, baba ji used to follow the path of his Gurudev and take care of all the animals he used to come across.

Babaji travelled to Dhaka to initiate disciples:

In 1911, babaji travelled to Bangladesh. At the time he was in Vrindavan. He was supposed to visit Bangladesh and give deeksha to a lot new disciples who were eligilble for it. Gosai ji appeared before him and asked him to visit Banglaesh. After a few hours his disciple Chandmohan came to Vrindavan for meeting his gurudev and he helped babaji to travel to Bangladesh.

Before visitng Bangladesh he also wanted to visit Puri to get blessings from the Samadhi mandir of Gosai ji. When he reached the Samadhi mandir he had a great feeling of devotional love. Later he started for the Jagannath temple. After visitng the temple and praying infront of the idol, babaji started playing his flute and started dancing. Everyone who saw him during the time felt a lot of love for him and felt very lucky to see this beautiful sight of devotional love.

One day he took a dip in the Narendra bog and said that this has the holy water from all the great religious places in India. There is a Markendya bog in Puri where the great saint Markedya had meditated and achieved self realisation. Baba ji also had received special blessings from Markendya saint when he mediated in Puri thirty years ago. He stayed in Puri for three days and provided deeksha to the two sons of Parvaticharan Basu. The names of his sons were Amal and Vimal.

He reached Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1911 and lots people greeted him at the railway station. He stayed at Chandandas’s residence in Dhaka and a lot people got intiaiton from him there.

After that he went to Navdweep and sat under a mango tree there. Lots of devotees and spiritual seekers visited him here to get his blessings. In his journey lot of people got initiated through him. There was a gentleman called Vishwanath (Vishu) who saw babaji and got very attracted to him. He started to follow him so he could receive his blessings and get initiated by him. Babaji knew everything and next day he went to their house and initiated him and his wife. Another priest called Natvar Chakrabortty also suddenly showed up there and babaji also initiated him. This way all these three people were blessed and got initiated in an unique way.

It is said if it is time for someoneto receive initiation, place, time or no other physical barrier stands in the way.

He again returned to Dhaka. He went to Genderiya Aashram in the evening. There he sat down under a black berry tree. This was the same spot where during the Dhulat utsav, the seats were set for the three saints. Seeing the ashram, the trees and the  general environment he said this seems to the true Shri Vrindavan. He started singing prayers to express his true happiness to visit Gederaiya aashram.

Lot of spiritual seekers assembled there and wanted to receive initiation from babaji at the time. He said he needs to seek permission from his gurudev. Then he sat quiet for some time and when he opened his eyes he said he got the permission. Whoever is keen will be initiated.

Curing Illness:

One day, Gyanchandra, a gurubahi received the news that Chandramohan, another gurubhai is very ill with fever. It seems he may not survive. The doctors were not able to figure it out and the condition was getting worse every minute. Gyanchandra informed his guruji, Mayur Mukut baba, about this. Babaji, sat in meditation on hearing the news. On the other side Chandramohan suddently saw babaji and gosai ji appear before him. Babaji, put him in Gosai ji’s feet and prayed. Suddenly he started to feel better and recovered. The doctors were also amazed witnessing this and believed the power of Guri and God is indeed great.

Babaji, initiated a lot of disciples during his stay in Bangladesh. Lots of people in Dhaka, Navdweep, Genderiya ashram. Also on a lot of occasions naam and sankeertans (singing holy songs) were organised. Babaji used to completely in a different level during these prayers. He used to dance, play the flute, sing prayers and everyone used to be very pleased in his holy company. Disciples used to spend hours in praying and worshipping.

During his stay in Navdweep, a lot of gurubahis used to spend time with him. He would sometimes read the holy scriptures and sometimes just sing or play his flute. Everyone was very attached to him and loved his holy company. One day during the satsang in the evening one of the disciple was discussing about Tibbet.

After his work in Dhaka was comeplete he started preparing to leave for Vrindavan. The day he was leaving for Vrindavan a lot new disciples got initiated for the deeksha. Also a lot of disciples wanted to donate money for other saints in Vrindavan so guguji asked them to give all the money for donation to his disciples. The other day the train reached Mughalsarai station. There he got down and went to the other side to have a dip in the holy river ganges and stay in the holy city of kashi for sometime.

There was a disciple of Gosai ji, Radhikaprasad, who was greiving over his son who died recently. When Guru ji heard this he consoled him. Als he put his hand on his chest and started praying for sometime. After a  while Radhikprasad started feeling much better. He also went to his house to console his wife. While staying in Kashi for a few days he used to pay a visit to various temples and used to have a dip in the holy river ganges. After this he proceeded to visit Ayodhaya and visited Saryu river. He had spent a lot of time in Ayodhaya a long time ago hence he knew the place well. He used to live in a place called Ramayat math here. He also went to visit Kishandas babaji’s ashram. Here he stayed for some time and had a very warm welcome by the Head priest.

He also donated money for organizing lunch for around 300 saints. The head priest started to work on this plan. Later he went with all his disciples to visit the birth place of God Shree Ram and there he had such a profound emotion that he started dancing and playing the flute. It seemed as if he was able to interact with the idols of the Gods. He also visited the Ramayat where he had first got his initiation and then after visiting a few more temples he returned to the ashram.

After this he proceeded to visit Mathura. He went to Mathura on foot. He used to walk at a very fast pace but to make sure his disciples don’t get too tired he took care of them and also rested at few disciples houses on the way.

Mayur Mukut baba ji was specially blessed by Shree Radha rani. There is a letter that tells the beautiful story. It is dated 1943. Vedanta Vachaspati was a very dear friend of Mayur Mukut baba. One day both of them went for a walk. They didn’t realize and while discussing stories of God Krishana they walked a long distance. Suddenly they saw a herd of deers and peacocks in the area. Also someone was playing the flute and he could hear the cows in a near distance. Baba ji’s body started showing different leelas of shri Krishana. Seeing this site Vachaspati lost his consciousness. When he regained his consciousness he saw baba ji sitting next to him. Vachaspati felt very hungry and said he wanted to eat something.  Babaji said that every tree in Vrindavan is like Kalpvriksha. One has to pray to them for food and food will appear automatically.  Vachapati thought that baba ji joking but he still prayed to the tree for food. And the food appeared in front of him. He was stunned and touched babaji’s feet for his blessings. Then both of them ate the food. Babaji told Vachapati that they have walked about 16 miles from home and its long way back.

Vachapati said he can’t walk back such a long distance. Baba ji said don’t worry Shree Radharani will arrange for everything. Vachaspati went off to sleep under the tree.  Later when he woke up he found himself in his bed. He thought he was dreaming. Babaji said see how Shree Radharani arranged everything.

This incident tells us the powers of Babaji and what was the level of his spiritual advancement.

Some Main Preaching of Mayur Mukut Babaji:

  • Never do any wrong deeds. Don’t be in the company of dishonest people.

  • You should always respect women and treat them well. You should never have wrong feelings for other people’s spouses.

  • Never have food that is leftover.

  • Just stay with the naam (name) of the God and don’t worry about anything.

  • The food which your parents have tasted and give you is blessed food and one can have it.

  • When you fall in love with naam, God will come near you.

  • You should never think that you have any power to do anything. Just try to see God’s power in everything.

  • Think of every work as God’s work. Think you are doing God’s work.

  • Stay in company of saints and holy men. Avoid bad company.

  • Always be with the naam and meditate as much as possible. This will help you realize everything.

- Shree Shree Pathak Baba