A brief introduction of Shree Shree Yogiraj Yogjeevan Goswami


Shree Shree Yogiraj Yogjeevan Goswami

Shree Shree Yogiraj Yogjeevan Goswami

A brief introduction of Shree Shree Yogiraj Yogjeevan Goswami

His Early Life:

When Yogjeevan was born to Gosaiji & Yogmaya Mata a preacher of Brahmo Samaj Sri Sri Jalal Mian had forecast that a great man has been born.

The son and disciple associate of Sadguru Gosaiji, Yogjeevan Goswami was initiated at the age of nine. He was among the first four disciples of Gosaiji. Yogjeevan was born to be the right hand associate of Gosaiji and possessed inborn great attributes such as –simplicity, truthfulness, kindness, firmness, tenacity and above all obedience to his Guru’s instructions. He could give away everything in his possession without hesitation for the suffering people.

He had been sent to revere Poornananda Swami at Kashi for learning. He was initiated with Brahminical thread by Swamiji.

His Supernatural Vision:

Yogjeevan had instinctive power of supernatural vision. Once he told his father Guru that while going to take a dip, he saw in front of him the Keshi ghat and lanes of Vrindavan and clearly heard the peacocks’ crow for some time. When Gosaiji fell sick and Yogjeevan with others were in a steamer boat only he had the vision of Yogiraj Lokenath Brahmachari in ethereal form going to Gosaiji assuring him not to worry for his father. Once Lord Krishna appeared before him and asked him for a boon. Yogjeevan prayed for a huge amount of money so that he could spend freely to alleviate the miseries of the poor which Lord Krishna refused to give. When his father Gosaiji heard it he said-“How foolish you are! Instead of money you should have asked devotional love towards Him.” Yogjeevan spontaneously replied,” For devotion you are there but I know for sure that you will not give me the wealth if I ask, but see Krishna also refused it!”

Once he saw his own luminous image. He enquired, “Who are you?” The image replied,”I am your self.” He immediately came to Gosaiji and asked as to what it was. Gosaiji replied-“What you saw and heard was true. At the last phase of active life when all desires extinguish, such vision occurs. Don’t spell it out to others at present.”

At Prayag Kumbha Mela Yogjeevan had said, “I saw a saint offering Nityananda Prabhu’s garland to Gosaiji.”

On enquiring Gosaiji had replied “Oh! You are fortunate enough. The saint was none but Nityananda Prabhu Himself. He had come to instruct me to keep awakened day and night and blessed me.” These are some of the instances of his advanced spiritual state.

His Detachment:

Yogjeevan reluctantly agreed to be married on repeated request by his mother and spent a very short marital life. He was so immune to marital life that no sign of grief was visible in him after the demise of his wife.
His role as the Communicator

Gosaiji used to receive hundreds of letters and Yogjeevanji was the writer of reply as dictated by Gosaiji. One day Gosaiji told him to send reply to persons desirous of Deeksha on his own discretion. This proves the unison of the inner thoughts of the disciple-son and his Guru.

On seeing his great inclination towards service of saints and sannyasis, he was given charge of the same. Immediately after taking charge, money and materials started pouring in and Yogjeevan fed the saints to his utmost satisfaction for days after days till Gosaiji stayed at Calcutta.

His Passion for Naam and Sankeertan

Yogjeevanji was a great connoisseur of Naam Sankeertan. His massive figure dancing in ecstasy would remind of Gosaiji. He often fainted at the sight of Gosaiji dancing in rapture.

At Puri when Gosaiji left his mortal body Yogjeevan was dumbstruck and bolted the door of his room from inside. Not finding him coming out of his room after a long time the co disciples requested him to come out for the midday meal. When no reply was heard, they broke open the door and were aghast to see that he was about to hang himself from the ceiling. Somehow they managed to bring him down.

He was so grief stricken at the demise of his father-Guru that it became unbearable and he had lost all his meaning of his own life. Remember that he had no sign of grief at the death of his wife and later on he had said that God had saved him from the tangles of a miserable family life.

Yogjeevan as Sadguru:

He became the first Sevait (in charge) of “Jatia baba Samadhi Mandir (tomb hermitage of the matted hair saint Gosaiji) and saw Gosaiji resurrected before him and console him. On his instruction Yogjeevanji was the first to give Ajapa Deeksha on behalf of Gosaiji and the second generation of Sadguru Deeksha started with him as promised by Gosaiji. Yogjeevan Goswami always said that he was just a medium of Gosaiji’s deeksha and refused to be called as guru.

At the age of 36 Yogjeevanji, the most devoted servant son of Gosaiji winged off for the celestial abode of his Sadguru.