A brief introduction of Shree Shree Kuladananda Brahmachari ji


Kuladananda Brahmachariji

Shree Shree Kuladananda Brahmachari ji

A brief introduction of Shree Shree Kuladananda Brahmachari ji

East Bengal, one of the States in India is famous for being the birth place of many great men who became leaders in the different steams of life they pursued like Science, Philosophy, Art, Literature, sociology and religion. Saints who held the torch of light for humankind and also became very famous were Shri Bijoy Krishna Goswami and one of his disciples Shri Kuladanand Brahamachari ji.

Brahamachari jiís father Kamalakant Bandhophadhayay was a very nice person and used to lead a very disciplined life. He used to live in Paschimpara Village in Dhaka. He was a very rich man and financially very strong. Although he used to live in the lap of luxury however he never used to feel affected by it.

As a teenager at 17 he left home and walked off to Haridwar on foot. His Gurudev brought him back home and insisted he starts a family life and gets married.

However, he had a focused objective in life which was trying to realize god. He used to spend a lot of time praying and meditating. He used to really take very good care of visitors at home. He used to donate a lot of money in charity for poor and destitute. Also he used to help pay for education for poor kids who couldnít afford to pay school fees.

His wife Harsundari Devi was also very religious lady and used to support her husband a lot to focus on religious path. She was a very kind, gentle and affectionate human being. When she was pregnant with Brahamachari ji, she used to dream of Gods and Goddesses and great saints. Kamalakant ji used to say some very great saint is probably going to be born in our family.

Brahamachari jiís Birth

Brahamachari ji was born in the year 1867 of the Kartik month. It was the day Baikunth chaturdashi. Kamalakant ji had five sons and three daughters. His house was full of happiness all the time. They used to pray and meditate everyday. Also take very good care of any visitor at home and read religious scriptures like Ramayana. Brahamachari ji started growing up in this kind of a holy environment and hence his religious values had a very strong foundation from his childhood days. Brahamachari ji had a very attractive personality as a child and hence everyone used to like him automatically.

Life as a Child

When Brahamachari ji was five years old, unfortunately he lost his father. The eldest brother Harikant, who was a civil surgeon, took charge of the family. He sent Brahamachari ji to study in Jainsaar highschool which was an English medium school. Since his childhood days Brahamachari ji was a bit different compared to other children. He used to try to mimic actions of Ram, Lakshman, Shri Krishna, Balram, Bheem etc. while playing a game. He used to donate his favorite toy like Karna.

Interest in Religious Scriptures

He used to love to hear religious scriptures like Ramayan and Mahabharat. He would listen to kirtans of Radha and Krishna. When he used to hear the story of little Dhruv, he used to get very emotional and often fall apart. He was crazy about visiting Vrindavan and spending time at the religious place. He had lot of respect for scriptures and used to believe in it a lot. Gautam Buddha, had gone off for a walk one morning and he saw a dead body which changed the direction of his life. He kept wondering how can a human being escape death. Similarly Brahamachari ji used to think how can one old lady escape the clutches of death. He never used to hurt anyone and respect everyone irrespective of the fact they were poor or rich. He was also very kind towards animals and insects.

Greed, Violence and Lies were the words out of his dictionary. He used to sometimes give his food to others. He used to donate clothes to poor people. He would open the ropes of a weak calf who would tied separately so he can drink his motherís milk.

When he grew a bit older he realized the purpose of all prayers and mediation is to realize god. So his interest in prayer and mediation increased manifolds.

Brahamachari jiís First Meeting with Gosaiji

His first meeting with Gosaiji was very strange. He was playing and suddenly someone said that Gosaiji is visitng his house. He ran home and saw that Gosaiji dressed in a white robe is seated under a tree at his place. Looking at the little boy Gosian ji said, Oh, you were playing, go and continue. He said a few more sweet words to the little Brahamachari ji and started talking to Navinkant ji. Brahamachari ji wrote later that he was instantly attracted to Gosaiji that day and whenever someone said the name Gosain, the same image floats in his mind.

After completing his primary education, Brahamachari ji continued his studies and got admitted to a High school. He used to live in a hostel. There was a competition he organized in the school one time which was which student in the full one day does not lie and doesnít do any wrong to the other friends. At the end of the day all the students would get together to discuss their scores. This competition helped his friends a lot in character building.

Influence of Braham Samaj

Brahamachari ji was influenced a lot by the new religion Brahma Samaj and he used to love the basic premise and concepts of the religion. Gosaiji at the time was the main Teacher for Brahman Samaj and his topics and discussions were always very logical and realistic. Brahamachari ji used to think Brahma samaj is established on logic and truth. Certain malpractices that had started in Hindu religion at the time were not there in this religion. There was no concept of idol worship here and discrimination on the basis of caste system. However, Hinduism had things like total surrender and sacrifice, renouncing everything you own and leading a simple life of saint. These things really impressed Brahamachari ji a lot. He was a strong supporter of the concept of willfully give up the Ego and lies and proceed in the path of love and devotion of God.

Confusion about Religions

However, he was confused as to which religion to follow: Hinduism or Brahma Samaj. Habibullah, was a poor Muslim saint who used to live close to the house of Brahamachari ji. One day he went to visit the saint with his friends. The saint offered him some fruits and said that the Hindus pray to Goddess Kali and the Muslims pray to Allah but God is one. Since human beings follow different methods of worshipping God hence we see so much variety. We should not look down upon any religion or method as every path reaches the same GOD.

After a certain while Brahamachari ji returned to Dhaka. At the time Gosaijiís name was very popular in the circles of Brahma Samaj. His lectures on different topics used to touch peopleís soul. Many Muslims and Christians were attracted to Brahma Samaj because of Gosaijiís lectures and they used to attend regular discourses. In the gatherings of Brahma Samaj all the followers of different religions used to participate which used to make it a very unique gathering. Gosaiji used to promote the concept of universal brotherhood which really impressed Brahamachari ji.

Around that time Gosaiji had a formal initiation from a Sadguru as well. He described the incident as out of the world and extraordinary. He felt he was in a different world and suddenly all the limitations ceased to exist for him. As his Gurudev suggested he still continued working in Brahma samaj for a short while and propagated about the religion which was based on truth and logic.

Deeksha Process

Brahamachari ji saw Gosaiji in his dream one day and he requested him to take him as his disciple. Gosaiji blessed him in the dream. One day he had the opportunity to invite Gosaiji for giving a lecture to the students in the hostel and at the same time requested him to take him on as his disciple. Gosaiji told him that although he will be give him the mantra but he still needs to keep doing his regular day to day karmas. He still needs to fulfill his duties and responsibilities. So he should think about it carefully and then come back the other day with his final decision.

Brahamachari ji thought that if Gosaiji makes him his disciple then he wouldnít have to pursue education and live in this world and perform his regular duties. However when he learnt the truth from Gosaiji he was a bit less enthusiastic about the idea of being a disciple. However, at the end he decided to be Gosaijiís disciple and continue with his education and other responsibilities. Gosaiji asked Brahamachari ji to get permission from his family. At the end his family conceded to his decision.

He got the mantra from Gosaiji on the Paush month of the Bengali month in the year 1887. The date was fifth and it was a Thursday. Brahamachari ji was 20 years old at the time of his deeksha and he became Gosaijiís disciple.

The Deeksha/Sadhana process of Gosaiji was based on Hinduism. Brahamachari ji sometimes used to have various doubts in his mind about the whole concept since he was a bit exposed the Brahma Samaj as well. Gosaijiís unique love, affection and the total surrender towards God, made Brahamachari ji realize that he is on the right path and this path will lead him to GOD.

According to the Sadguru tradition, Saint Narad, Saint Vashishtha, Saint Dhruv and Saint Prahlad etc. had all received this Deeksha/Sadhana to realize GOD. All the great saints have said that receiving this Sadhana at a young age is ideal. People who get this Sadhana at young age are the people who have received this reward as a result of very good karmas from their previous births.

Per Gosaijiís directions and guidance, Brahamachari ji performed very difficult meditation and Sadhana and made a very unique place for himself. Everyone started respecting him a lot. In the initial days of his Sadhana when he started to trust his Gurudev he used to visit him everyday and try to spend as much time with him as possible.

Every evening after the prayers all the disciples of Gosaiji used to go to their rooms and pray and mediate for minimum three hours. Brahamachari ji used to participate in this session once a week per Gosaijiís instructions. He wanted Brahamachari ji to pay full attention to his studies as a student and get good grades.

Realizing Guru Kripa

One day Brahamachari ji with his elder brother went to the mourning ceremony of the friendís mother. There he saw everyone in a deep shock and many in tears. Seeing this he felt as if his own mother was on the death bed. He immediately headed home and found his mother actually very sick. He started praying to Gosaiji for her good health. The niece was also sick and the doctor prescribed some medicines and he headed to Dhaka to bring them. When he reached Dhaaka he went to see Gosaiji first. Looking at him Gosaiji asked him, ďHow was heĒ? How is the situation at home? Then he said his mother would be alright but the little girl wouldnít need the medicine. But take the medicines anyway, the villagers would be benefited.

On reaching home he saw that his mother was doing fine however the niece was no more. This incident totally surprised him and he understood that Gosaiji definitely is a great saint with lot of powers. After this Brahamachari ji returned to Dhaaka. There was a religious festival going on that time. He saw Gosaiji standing stunned in the middle of all the crowd and disciples.

His dress is soaked in tears and his gaze is very steady. After a while he laughed out aloud and said, ď Lord Shiva, Ma Jagadhatri, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Saint Valmiki, Saint Narad, Saint Vashishtha are here in this religious gathering. Having announced this he lay on the ground and offered his respects to them and then he went into trance.

Another very spiritual Sight There was another extra ordinary incident the second day at Gosaijiís place which again surprised Brahamachari ji even more. He saw that during the lunch time all the disciples where in state of trance. Someone was sitting with rice in his hand, the other was unconscious and was lying on the rice plate, someone was rubbing the rice over their clothes and body, someone was shouting aloud etc. Kunjalal was dancing, singing and playing the drum alone however it felt as if many people are singing and dancing together. Seeing all this Brahamachari ji felt the vibration and power of the place.

Gosaijiís sudden Illness

There was another extraordinary incident that Brahamachari ji heard. Gosaiji in the state of trance (samadhi) got directions to meet Loknath Brahmachari who was 150 years old at the time at Baradi, a village.

Brahamachari ji, hadnít heard about Gosaiji for a long time so he started getting worried about him. Later he learnt that Gosaiji was very sick and he had double Pneumonia and both is lungs were damaged. This news was very tragic for Brahamachari ji and he really got worried. He started to pray every morning until lunch time for speedy recovery of Gosaiji. He used to pray to Gosaijiís Gururdev and God. He started feeling it was not worth living if Gosaiji was so sick. He was restlessly waiting to hear that Gosaiji has recovered from his illness. He would visit Post office every 3-4 days. Then finally he got the message of Gosaijiís welfare and was very pleased.

Later he learnt that after examining Gosaiji, the doctors had lost hope and believed he wonít survive. But Gosain jiís Gurudev and Loknath Baba are believed to have visited Gosaiji in their subtle bodies and cured him. Suddenly Gosaiji got him and started singing prayers. The doctors were amazed and hearing this Brahamachari ji was in tears. Tear of joy.

Learning New Lessons from his Gurudev

Later in Ashar month Brahamachari ji asked Gosaiji to teach him Tratak, which is another form of meditation. Gosaiji taught him. Later in Shravan month since Gosaiji was unwell Shyamakant pandit taught him kumbahk, another form of meditation and breathing. Being able to learn Kumbhak, only after a short while of being initiated (deeksha) is a great achievement. Brahamachari ji was at a very good stage already.

In the year 1888, Jayeshta month, Brahamachari ji went to see Loknath baba. He gave some very good advise to Brahamachari ji and said since you write diary every day you should pen these down as well. These are for you, ďYou should never try to live a life of luxury.Ē Brahamachari ji was a bit amazed to hear that Loknath baba knew that he writes diary everyday. Later he learnt that all great saints know it all and are enlightened. Lokanath baba said that by practicing meditation a person reaches a stage where he can travel anywhere in the universe. There are 7 continents in this earth. Each continent has 7 years each. India is in the Jumbo continent. This topic has been described in great details in the book Sadguru Sangha.

Rules to be followed

When Brahamachari ji had completed his third anniversary of his deeksha (initiation) he went to meet Gosaiji and get his blessings. That time Gosaiji asked him to follow these 10 rules:

  1. Meditation (Panchbhoot Drishti Sadhana) *Please translate all in English
  2. Sham
  3. Dam
  4. Titiksha
  5. Uparati
  6. Dwand
  7. Sahishnuta
  8. Swadhayay
  9. Sadhu Sang
  10. Daan
  11. Tapsaya

Gosaiji asked Brahamachari ji to go to Munger for sometime and stay with his second brother. His health improved a lot there. He started practicing Pranayam, Khumbhak, Tratak and meditation every day and his mind was in a lot of peace. He also joined school their and after school he used to discuss about religion with his brother Varadakant everyday.

Dreams in Munger

He saw three very extraordinary dreams when he stayed in Munger. The first one he saw that the trees requested him to water them. He arranged for that. The second one was Gosaiji took Brahamachari ji to Ganga Saagar. The third one was all the other disciples of Gosaiji including Brahamachari ji are having a dip in river Ganges. Suddenly he saw Gosaiji appear there and he individually talked to each disciple and said something. Then he came to Brahamachari ji and asked him to get naked. He wanted to do a special process for him so he can reach a higher level of meditation. Gosaiji told him a couple of times but Brahamachari ji was feeling shy so he couldnít take his clothes off. When he awoke, he realized that he hasnít reached the stage where he totally surrenders to his Gurudev and follows his instructions without asking any questions.

His Dedication, Discipline and Commitment

Brahamachari ji used to be very sick and had lots of stomach ache etc. But he still continued his meditation as usual. He started practicing, one meal day and meditate under a tree through out the night. This started affecting his health even more and he got very sick. In his suffering he wanted to go and see Gosaiji. Gosaiji was at Vrindavan at the time and Brahamachari ji wanted to visit him. The train ticket was arranged by someone. He traveled to Vrindavan in his sick condition and in the way Gosaiji guided him to get to him safely. When he reached Vridnavan he didnít know where Gosaiji was living but someone came along and dropped him to Gosaijiís place. Gosaiji was standing at the door for him and Brahamachari ji was surprised to see that his Gurudev already knew he was coming. From one healing touch of Gosaiji, Brahamachari ji suddenly felt way better and healthy.

Mata Thakurani, Gosaijiís wife was very keen to get his daughter Kutuboori, married to Brahamachari ji. But Brahamachari ji wanted to lead a saintly life and had requested Gosaiji for the same. Gosaiji decided a day to perform the ceremony for Brahamachari ji so he could lead a saintly life.

Getting Brahamacharya

Year 1890, Shravan month, 12th day, was very memorable for Brahamachari ji. This was the day Gosain did the ceremony for him and asked him to practice Brahamacharya/ celibacy for 1 year. He also explained the various rules he needs to follow. He was also renamed from Kuladakant as Kuladananda Brahamachari.

Brahamachari ji went to a lot of holy places in Vrindavan along with Gurudev and learnt about the importance of each spot. Gosaiji also told him that all Karmas are finished by further Karmas, so one has to continue performing ones duties on a day to day basis. Brahamachari ji asked Gosaiji as to what kind of Karmas should he be doing. Gosaiji asked him to join his eldest brother and help him out and after that seek his permission to help his mother.

Taking care of his Mother

Brahamachari ji went to Faizabad, after his Gosaijiís instructions and he seek the permission of his elder brother to take care of his mother. He went to see his mother. Brahamachari ji was very handsome so on the way a young woman met him and was very attracted to him. She wanted to start a relationship with Brahamachari ji. With Gosaijiís blessings he was able to control his emotions but he had some difficulty in meditating for a few days.

When Brahamachari ji reached his mother he found her very sick and she was performing all the household work in the condition. He took charge of the whole house and got his mother to rest. He used to pray with his mother everyday and then also read for her religious scriptures every day. He used to cook for her everyday and take very good care of her. The mother used to bless his son every day and Brahamachari ji used feel very satisfied helping his mother. Also his younger brother Sharadakant was appearing for his Graduation exams at the time and he was very sick. Brahamachari ji started praying for his brother every day and wished he could do well in his exams. His prayers were fruitful and his brother came out with flying colors and also got healthy.

Completing One year of Brahamacharya

In the year 1891, Asharh month, Brahamachari jiís one year of celibacy (Brahmacharya) was completed. In Shravan month, Gosaiji again gave him to follow the same thing for one more year. This time he again included some instructions for Brahamachari ji like last time. Brahamachari ji started practicing meditation with renewed energy and enthusiasm. He used to follow these two basic rules during this one year: First, He was supposed to talk very less and when needed he used to talk to Gosaiji. Second he used to have one meal a day which was very simple. It was boiled rice with vegetables.

In the karthik month Brahamachari ji went to Shantipur with Gosaiji. They visited a place called Babla there. This place was a very religious and pious place. Great Saint Adwita Mahaprabhu had spent sometime here. They sat in the temple of Adwita Mahaprabhu and Gosaiji asked everyone to sit and mediate together. After sometime they heard beautiful kirtan. However when they came out to check who was singing such a beautiful kirtan they couldnít see anyone. The kirtan stopped after sometime. Gosaiji said, ďYou people are very lucky this kirtan was sung by Chaitanya MahaprabhuĒ Many lucky disciples who visit that place are sometimes blessed to hear the sound of the kirtan even to this date.

Feeling of Pride:

Among all the disciples of Gosaiji, Brahamachari ji was the only one who got the Neelkanth Vesh so he started feeling proud. He also thought that Gosaiji loves him the most. The moment this thought came to his mind he started feeling a great body ache and burning sensation in his body. Gosaiji asked him to take off his Rudraksh as the body and the mind have to very calm and composed when one is wearing Rudraksh. Gosaiji asked him to wear Tulsi seeds maala at the time.

Gosaiji said, ďThe life of saint is very tough. They need to be without any feelings of Pride or self appreciation. If one feels proud because of a certain attire they are supposed to wear then all the good things that they have earned will be lost. They have to start over.Ē

Gosaijiís some special lessons to Brahamachari ji over the years

There were certain important instructions Gosaiji used to give Brahamachari ji at various times to keep him in the right path and focused. Instructions like:

  • ďOne should never do charity for their own benefit. Charity has to be done selflessly then one can reap its benefits.Ē
  • ďDisciples cannot achieve any higher state of spiritual level based on their own individual efforts. However if one is following all the instructions of their Guru without asking any questions, success comes their way easilyĒ
  • ďIf one wants to spend time with his Guru, one should try to follow all the instructions of the Guru.Ē
  • ďIf the disciple does anything wrong then Guru has to bear the punishment for it. He gets canned for it.Ē
  • Sadhana is an internal process. One always needs to inculcate pure thoughts and be in the company of saints as much as possible. Whether its happiness or sadness, appreciation or criticism the mind should always be calm and should not react to either.
  • God is the only truth, rest is all an illusion.
  • One should discuss the topic of God, be in the company of saints and read religious scriptures and books.
  • There are four rules for a disciple / Sadhak:
  1. Self study,
  2. Mediation,
  3. Cleanliness and Charity. Self Study also includes practice of naam (mantra), Cleanliness is maintaining overall cleanliness of body, soul and mind and
  4. Charity is kindness, sympathy, kind words and being nice to everyone.

Key Highlights:

Thus Brahamachari ji continued to learn under Gosaiji and made commendable progress in the spiritual path. Even after Gosaiji left his mortal frame Brahamachari ji always used to feel his blessings and receive his guidance.

Brahamachari jiís deeksha process was very special. When someone used to approach him for Deeksha, he used to send the request to his Gurudev and on his consent used to proceed with Deeksha.

Brahamachari ji used to spend time in four places in an year. Puri, Kolkata, Chandannagar and Kashi. In the year 1910, he went to Vrindavan and on his way he gave deeksha to a lot of people.

Brahamachari ji in his later life practiced a lot of sadhana and naam in different religious places and caves and reached a very advanced spiritual stage. He went to visit and get blessings of lot of holy saints over a period of time. He became very popular in a very short span of time.

Brahamachari ji used to write a diary and he had recorded most of the instructions that Gosaiji gave him. His 14 years of writing (1886-1894 ) diary was published as Shree Shree Sadguru Sangha in five parts and was published in many different languages.

Gosaiji said that Brahamachari jiís diary would be a very important scripture in next 100 years for the country which has happened today. Many disciples are reading this book today and getting benefited.

As a Sadguru, Brahamachari ji brought spiritual light in the life of his disciples and helped to take them to the next level. He left his mortal frame at the age of 63 after blessing and changing the life of a lot of people.

Brahamachari jiís special Teachings for his disciples

  1. Brahamachari ji said he was following ďakash vrittiĒ which means he is completely dependent on God for everything. Whatever God will give him he will have to be content. He cannot mention his inconvenience to anyone or expect anything from anyone.
  2. One has to practice naam with every breath. Not even one breath is supposed to be wasted. The true happiness is only in naam. We spend the whole day in different activities and chatting with others. The goal should be to practice naam with every breath.
  3. One has to practice naam and not worry about whether it is benefiting you or not. One has to focus his attention to naam. Also one has to follow oneís Guruís instructions very meticulously and then leave the rest on the Guru. One should try to stay away from being proud if someone is appreciating because the moment pride comes in the way one has to start over.
  4. To the people who wanted to his disciples he said, ďThis Sadhana is very tough. You need to follow certain rules and regulations very carefully. There would be lot of different tests you will face and yet you have to keep practicing naam. Can you stand this test?
  5. After a lot of practice of naam, God is pleased and he blesses us but one should try to stay away from the feeling of pride. Also Godís will is everything. Every stage in life is given by him. One should accept each stage with happiness. One should depend on God and keep practicing naam.
  6. If one is able to spend time in Puri, and visit Lord Jaggannathís temple as much as possible, have mahaprasad every day. Be able to help the disciples of Gosaiji a bit will make you achieve the purpose of your life.
  7. Whatever work is ever done keeping God in mind, it never goes waste. It gets recorded in our subtle body.
  8. One should try to get the shelter of a Sadguru and try to spend the rest of the life based on his instructions. We donít have any capability to do anything on our own but if we try to follow the instructions of Sadguru, we will be able to achieve everything.

Note: Details of Brahamachari jiís life can also be read in Shri Shri Bijoy Krishna Parijan- Part II.