Memorabilia of a Saint - Swami Amalananda Saraswati (Mejo Sadhu Baba)

Swami Amalananada Saraswati (Mejo Sadhu Baba)


Swami Amalanandaji
(1942 - 2010)

Memorabilia of a Saint - Swami Amalananda Saraswati (Mejo Sadhu Baba)

Swami Amalananda is a famous name among the disciples of Sadguru Sri Sri Bijoy Krishna Goswami sect. He is popularly known as “Mejo Sadhu Baba” among all his followers.

Swami Amalananda was one of the eminent sanyasi disciples of Swami Asimananda Saraswati of Ramchandrapur, Purulia, West Bengal. Swami Asimananda Saraswati was a disciple of Swami Kiranchand Darbeshji, the founder of Sri Sri Bijoy Krishna Mutt at Varanasi, who himself was the direct disciple of Sri Sri Bijoy Krishna Goswami.

Swami Amalananda was born on 13th October, 1942 in the fourth day of the bright lunar fortnight, ‘Ashwin’ at Raipur, Chattisgarh. His father Sri Direndra Krishna Mukherjee was a disciple of Swami Premananda Bharti of Sri Loknath Brahmachariji sect and was the first to spread the Vaishnav religion and Naam Sankirtan abroad. Amalanandaji’s mother Smt. Jyotirmoyee Debi was also a disciple of Bishuddhanandaji, popularly known as “Gandhababa”. Thus as a child, Swamiji grew up in a very spiritual environment.

In 1961, he completed his graduation in the field of science and took to teaching as a profession, but his mind was always in search of a Sadguru and so along with his elder brother, Swami Alokananda Saraswati, he visited many muths, ashrams and religious places. Finally at Puri they met “Maa Mani” who was one of the disciples of Sri Sri Bijoy Krishna Goswamiji sect. She showed them the spiritual path and told them about Swami Asimananda Saraswati.

On 7th October 1962, they were initiated (Diksha) by Swami Asimananda Saraswatiji. In the year 1964, they left home to visit holy places like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Brahmapuri, Varanashi, Vrindavan etc. Then they came to Purulia and at Raghunathpur, Bathanbari, they devoted their entire life to meditation.

On 9th March 1967 they were initiated into a sanyashi’s life by their guru Swami Asimananda Saraswatiji on his birthday which was the “Mahashivratri” day. They, then, came to be known as Swami Alokananda Saraswati and Swami Amalananda Saraswati and began their new life.

After their gurudev’s demise on 13th August 1968, they continued spiritual practice at different places. In 1975, they were advised by Sri Sri Gurumata Saila Bala Devi to set up “Sri Sri Bijoy Krishna Bhakta Sangha” in Raghunathpur Purulia, and to start spreading the importance of Naam Sankirtan.

They, then, began hosting Naam Sankirtan at different places all over India such as – Ranigunj, Tatanagar, Rourkela, Puri, Raipur, Vrindaban, Kanpur, Chitrakut, Chennai, Bangalore, Mangalore etc.

People found themselves lucky to come in contact with him and follow the spiritual showed by him. People from all walks of life overcome their spiritual and earthly problems by following his advice.

Among all these – he also wrote and edited many religious books such as – Sadhana Path, Sri Sri Bijoy Krishna Kathamrita, Smriti Kusumanjali, Sadguru Sangha, Sadguru Swami Asimananda Lila Prasanga etc. Some of the books are translated in different languages such as Bengali, English, Hindi, Kannada and Gujarathi, which was possible only due to his untiring efforts. This, today, benefits people from many different countries.

Though he is not bodily present amongst us today he resides in the heart of thousands of his followers.

Sri Jatiya Baba (Bhajan)

A bhajan describing the life of Sadguru Sri Sri Bijoy Krishna Goswamiji, was written and composed by our beloved Swami Amalananda Saraswati.

Swami Amalananda Saraswati worked on these books during his lifetime