Lectures and Sermons of Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sl. No. 1 - Sermon - (Firmness of Faith)

Dhaka - East Bengal Brahmomandir
Sunday, 15th Agrahayana 1292 Bengali Calender [1886 A.D.]

It is mentioned in Tulsidas’ Ramayana that the earth was unable to bear with the severe torture and oppression of Ravana. Just as we see meteorites and devastating epidemics etc. now, then also people were very frightened by seeing such disturbances. It is said that the earth took the form of a cow, went to the gods, explained her condition and sought shelter. Then the gods sat and consulted together and decided to go to Mahavishnu. There was no one else who could rescue from this crisis. Having decided upon this, they started thinking as to where they could find Mahavishnu. Where does He stay? Some one said, “Let’s go to Golok, as we shall be able to meet Golokbehari.” Someone else said, “We can meet him at Mathura.” Thus different gods expressed different views and remained worried as to where could they find him. At this time Lord Shiva said, “Oh gods, how could you develop such illusions? Why are you so confused?” Then the gods told Shiva, “You are the greatest of all yogis, kindly tell us where should we go to find Mahavishnu?” Shiva said, “The one whom we are going to worship stays everywhere—always. One who can feel Him within oneself alone can see Him everywhere. Without feeling His presence within oneself He cannot be found anywhere else.”

The importance of the story we have just heard, is that when disturbances, like meteorites, epidemics etc. occur, that is, disease, distress, pains and various sufferings appear, then mistakes and illusions also appear. People cannot do things with conviction, because until firmness about one’s deity is established, they get confused and fail to realise Him always. A little fear, a little danger makes us bewildered and we cannot find Him even after searching. Shiva had such a firm faith in the god he worshipped that no degree of danger could flinch him from his faith. This is called firmness of faith . We have to search ourselves, to see whether we really believe and feel in our hearts that the deity of our worship—our support is omnipresent or do we just believe because we read it in books or hear in sermons. No doubt by seeing signs of danger like meteorites etc. people are scared. It is difficult to hold on to religiousity when there is danger all around. But what I call real sincerity, can be maintained. Just imagine once, the attempt at disrobing Draupadi,–how helpless she was! Where were the strength and assurances? The great powerful Pandavas did not raise their heads. Their sincerity and devotion was so deep that inspite of their wife’s insult in the midst of the gathering, inspite of their huge strength they tolerated so much of insult, whereas they could easily have taught the offender an appropriate lesson. This is called commitment to dharma !! The helpless woman looked at Bhisma’s face. Bhisma said, “Mother, I fail to appreciate the direction of dharma”. Drona also answered in a similar fashion. Then Draupadi’s vanity was crushed. Having been elevated to the status of a great queen in the Rajsuy yajna she had thought—no one among the human race was equal to her. This vanity generated earlier, got crushed. She now saw that she was just a helpless destitute. Immediately a heartfelt wail emanated from her soul, “Oh friend of the distressed, master of the helpless, where are you?” Immediately a sound of response came from above, “Have no fear, have no fear”. The rescuer warded off her shame. He can be achieved only if one has this kind of faith and sincerity. Where is my God? In the society, in the field, on the wharf or within my soul. Do I have the belief that He can be reached if I call Him from within? What is the meaning of such a sincerity and devotion if that faith is not steady? The test of real faith is when we are able to call Him inspite of our conscience failing and wisdom breaking down.

Which brother, sister, king, subject, which insect helps the rich man who suddenly falls into bad times? None. He suffers from his own misfortunes, no one helps. There is only one, master and friend of the distressed who is of help. In this world somebody in the king’s court or somebody in the society is getting humiliated. Who saves them? Nobody.

During good times many people extend helping hands. During bad times, none. The rich man thinks, lest he is asked for money if he goes near. The most obedient ones do not even go near him. If the one held in high esteem because of his religious attainment falls from grace, nobody will even turn and look at him. They will add insult to injury. The power of religion, money, strength of the rulers do help at times, but cannot help during bad times.

All the scriptures have called them blind, who depend on worldly power. There is only one help, the Master of the wretched, the protector of the destitute, the shelter of the shelterless. That is why I say that we are unfortunate if we do not call him during our good and bad days.

By seeing her all the time in our heart if we can say, “Here is my mother—see people of the world! Mother Anandamayee is prevailing in my heart.” We shall be happy only then. Otherwise who is more distressed than me, more shelterless than me, if I search her and do not find her within me. That is why I must search thoroughly if my mother exists in my heart. Not by the suggestions in books or sermons. I am lowly, downtrodden, most ordinary. Still I get limitless joy when I feel that my Master is the Lord of the universe. How can I say ‘no’? I have definitely seen, certainly known that my Master is the Almighty. Truly speaking, the way I can call him ‘mine’, I can address no one else likewise. I beg all of you to bless me so that I may love my Master and may have devotion to Him. I do not know how to show my devotion to Him.

Oh Master of the downtrodden, the Master of the lowly ones! You are the truth. I know nothing else. You are the truth, You are the truth, You are the truth!