Lectures and Sermons of Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sl. No. 5 - Lecture - (Importance of Truth to protect Dharma)

Dhaka - East Bengal Brahmomandir
Sunday, 13th Pous 1292 Bengali Calender [1886 A.D.]

In the Mahabharata written by Kashiram Das, there is a story which states that when king Yudhisthira and others went to the forest along with Draupadi, one day Draupadi saw a mango hanging from the branch of a mango tree. Everyone was somewhat surprised to see a ripe fruit at an unusual time. According to Draupadi’s wish, Arjun plucked the fruit from the tree. At that time Krishna suddenly came there and asked, “Who has plucked this mango?” Arjun said, “I have plucked it.” Krishna said, “You have done a great wrong. A hermit lives in this place. One fruit grows on this tree daily. The hermit returns to this place after performing his religious practice daily. If he does not find that fruit, he curses the person for spoiling the fruit and burns him to ashes.” Then Yudhisthira asked Krishna, “Now what is the way out?” Krishna said, “Each one of you will have to express the true feelings of your mind. The fruit will then rejoin with the tree.” Yudhisthira spoke out the true state of his mind and the fruit rose to some extent. So did Nakul, Sahadev, Bheem and Arjun, they expressed the corresponding true state of their minds and the fruit rose still higher. But as Draupadi did not express the genuine state of her mind, the fruit fell down again. This angered Arjun and he took out his bow and arrow and was about to kill Draupadi. Seeing his anger, Draupadi expressed her true state of mind. Instantly the fruit rejoined with the tree.

We find in this story that truth has always been triumphant. If we consider this story to be an allegory, we find that as if on the tree of samsar a fruit named dharma has grown. Dharma in the country is not protected if we pluck that fruit. The country is not protected if dharma is absent. When we study the history of any country, we find that truth is at its root.

Things having no truth at the root, have no value. If you want to protect dharma in the country then open up the truth that you have in your mind. Dharma will be secured then. Where is such truthfulness !! Just as the fruit dropped on the ground on Daupadi’s concealment of truth, the same thing will happen to us if we too conceal the truth. It is not enough to just speak that truth verbally—it has to be spoken from the heart. The great Almighty can be realised through this truth. We should therefore learn the way to know that truth, that Supreme one. In ancient times the lessons that were obtained from the Vedas and scriptures like Rik, Saam, Yajur, Atharva and Education, Kalpa, Grammer used to be helpful in knowing the Supreme Lord. The ascetics have divided this education into two sections. The one is agamaja, (by studying) and the other one is vivekaja (by experiencing). Whatever is learnt by reading books or hearing from others is called agamaja. And the process by which one becomes thoroughly acquainted with materials, that is, the properties are understood nicely is known as vivekaja lesson. For example, fire has the power to burn.We know this when we proceed towards the fire. The real lesson is this understanding. Our lessons are not complete when we are unable to have a direct experience of the properties of materials and so the effects of such lessons that we do not understand thoroughly, do not last. If you want to know about any subject, first you will have to master it, then you will be able to know. Without mastering the subject, its core will stay beyond your reach. The person aspiring to know about the earth will have to study geography. The one aspiring to learn mathematics will have to study mathematics. Similarly we too shall have to study the subject of dharma. Whoever can absorb a subject well, correspondingly becomes an expert in it. Without achieving mastery over a subject, without realisation, if I want to preach it, dharma will fall like Draupadi’s fruit.

When I realise something truely, then even if, the people of the whole world join together and say, “What you say is wrong”, I can roar and say, “No, I have myself realised this”. Being strengthened by truth, people can bear with all sorts of sufferings. Being strengthened by truth, Prahlad was saved from his dreadful father Hiranyakashipu inspite of being thrown into the firepit. Being empowered by truth Prahlad said, “My God is present in this pillar.” If you achieve truth, even a fraction, then you will realise how glorious truth is. If we achieve authority over truth, if we achieve truth, then “Bharat” (India) will be saved. “Bharat” will be liberated on acquiring the truth; and not just by feeling, reading books or hearing from people.

Asteeti Satyam— Truth is that which exists, Truth can be tasted, seen directly. If I can understand truth, then dharma will be a matter of direct experience to me. The one understanding truth can never work against it. But he will recurringly fall as long as he is away from realising truth. You will see, that none of the undesirables is moving out. You will pray for the removal of sins, but everything fails. The sense organs do not have domination over you when you realise the truth. That is why the saints have said, “He is the master of the senses.” Therefore realise the truth and you will find that the senses are no longer your enemies, they are friends. Those who were dreadful, have now turned helpers. All miseries will go if you can accept truth—the country will be liberated. All the scriptures including the Vedas, Puranas contain this sermon. The Supreme Lord is just not a matter that is talked about—He can be seen. If there is anything true in this world it is He. Sorrows of human beings disappear if they can accept truth even to a certain extent. Everything is futile as long as you try to learn the truth from books. If we can accept what truth is then we have all, else, everything is futile.