Lectures and Sermons of Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sl. No. 11 - Sermon - (God attracts all the men and women of the earth)

Dhaka - East Bengal Brahmomandir
Sunday, 17th Shravan 1293 Bengali Calender [1887 A.D.]

The poets in our country always describe the love of the sun with the lotus. In fact if we leave the poetic part aside, we find that while staying at a distance, the sun constantly attracts the lotus. The lotus which is born in mud remains immersed in the soft mud; from a faraway distance the sun emits its rays and repeatedly says, “Oh lotus blossom”. Then gradually by the effect of the sunrays the lotus penetrates the mud and water and spreads its petals above water and blossoms. How beautiful it is when the blooming lotus gazes at the sun! When the lotus was immersed in the mud, it did not know anything about the atmosphere on the surface of the earth. Gradually it penetrates the water level and spreads a leaf on the water surface. Subsequently a bud appears which blossoms on getting the sunrays and comes to know all about the surface of the earth.

Similarly when we watch our lives, we too find that as long as we remain immersed in sin we fail to understand anything about God. We just say that God exists. But knowingly or unknowingly when His grace falls on us, we are then able to penetrate the sin. Nothing can oppose us then. As long as the lotus remained under water it did not know, what a thing of pleasure remained above. The moment it penetrated water and rose up, it understood everything. Similarly as long as we remain immersed in sin, we do not understand that there is any pleasure other than sin. But like the lotus when we are able to give up sin and spread the leaves above sin, then we are able to understand that there is happiness other than sin.

The lotus cannot be pushed back once it penetrates the water and comes out of it and it plays above the influence of the water. In the same manner when I am able to penetrate sin to come out of it—sin cannot drown me in it. I then play above the sins. I then find myself playing above the one who had kept me immersed. When we penetrate through the samsar, it can by no means keep us immersed any more. We then realise that the only one to be served, is God. We feel sad for the past life.

I have no such power that I can remain immersed in sin alone. The way the sun attracts the lotus all the time for it to blossom, in the same way the kind hearted God attracts all the men and women of the earth. As long as we stay immersed in sin we do not understand. But once we are able to penetrate through the sin we no longer can stay contented; following His grace, our soul then moves only towards Him. I perforn some good deeds now and after sometime again harm others, I talk about God now and the next moment I commit some evil deeds. All these are of no help. Can the one whose heart has once turned to God commit any evil work? I have to die, else, nothing can be achieved. Until the seed dies it cannot germinate. In the same manner I too shall have to die in order to survive. While creating men and women the kind hearted Lord has implanted seeds of dharma in everybody’s heart. No one can destroy that seed. The seed cannot germinate as long as one remains immersed in sin.

Anandam brahmano vidyan na bibheti kutashchana.
(Means : One who knows Brahman as Bliss has noting to be afraid of).

When the pull from the Lord reaches me, I have nothing to fear. The samsar has no power to keep me immersed in it. Irrespective of the attraction the samsar exerts on me, I dominate it and keep playing. The kind hearted and gracious Lord is attracting every man and woman.

I follow the religious path now and soon thereafter commit a sin—such a behaviour will not do. One has to be genuine in attitude. The way a seed germinates only on its death, I shall have to die like this. I shall always gracefully be present in the truth—I shall be full of purity. It is not that my Lord is present now and absent the next moment. He is present all the time. When I find such feelings absent in me, then I have not yet penetrated the mud of sin. Now I am worshipping God, the very next moment I am coveting another’s wife, just now I am engaged in spiritual practices, soon thereafter I am busy slandering others. I have failed to truely worship my Lord as long as these things exist. May be I am serving some inherent vice. I may have served my desire, lust and anger so far. If I just keep talking, without achieving the truth in my life, then it is not achieving spirituality—it is just deception. If my life wants spirituality then it must move on one track towards that Supreme Lord. Remaining immersed in matters pertaining to samsar is not spirituality. I shall keep looking at the Supreme Lord—I want that true dharma. I cannot live without Him. This is all. I have talked enough in my life. I do not want to talk anymore. Now my death is nearby. I do not know when I shall die. This is not the time to talk anymore. I have finished my life. I want true dharma now. I have sinned enough. The habit of sinning has become such that I am unable to give it up. Many times I do try but fail. Then I think I have no way out unless that Supreme Lord rescues me Himself. There is no way till I die. Though I tend to shed my ego, I fail. It is better I die in order to get a new life. I become restless due to a slight headache. I cannot bear with a little bit of illness. I have understood, I have no way but to have the grace of that kind one. You all please bless me so that I move in that direction. I can no longer carry this beastly life. Please bless me so that I get rid of this beastly life and get a life after dying. Oh the kind hearted Lord ! Bless me.