Lectures and Sermons of Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sl. No. 12 - Sermon - (A Badshah - who wanted to be accepted as God.)

Dhaka - East Bengal Brahmomandir
Sunday, 24th Shravan 1293 Bengali Calender [1887 A.D.]

In a book belonging to muslim ascetics, it is written that once a badshah (monarch) declared, “All the subjects of my kingdom cannot accept any god other than me. They have to accept me alone as God. Anyone taking any name other than mine will have one’s head severed.” The ascetics in his domain started reciting God’s name secretly. Once a maid servant of that badshah’s palace was combing the hair of his daughter. Suddenly the comb fell from her hand and she uttered “Bismillah”. The daughter of the badshah asked her, “Did you call my father Bismillah?” The maid servant replied, “No I kept it hidden so far, but cannot keep it so any more. Your father does not have any power to create a single grain or an insignificant life. Why should I call him Bismillah?” The daughter reported everything to the badshah who in turn asked the maid. “Just give up the other name, else you have no option. I will destroy all that you have.” The maid replied, “I am not afraid, do whatever you want. Still I shall not give up God’s name and worship you.” Then out of anger the badshah dropped her daughters one by one in a hot cauldron containing boiling oil and killed them. She did not even look at this. Then she was cut to pieces and thrown into the cauldron. She did not express any sign of pain and smilingly left the world. Then the badshah started thinking how can people accept so much of suffering yet still refuse to recognise him? Then another sadhak told him, “Can the one who has known God, fear any worldly person and accept him as God?”

Thus as we look at the samsar, we find that all the objects of the world are gods. Each of the objects we use tells us, “I am your God. Leave everything and worship me.” But instead, if like that maid servant, we pick up that dropped item saying “Bismillah” then that one will tell us, “Did you call me Bismillah?” And if we reply “No, not you”, then that one will trouble us. But can the person who wants only the greater than the greatest, the Supreme Lord, fear any torment? He says, “I cannot call you the Supreme Lord. My God is my directly perceived Lord—He is not just a word for word’s sake. If I do not have a direct vision of Him, people will say that God is an assembly of letters, someone else will say, it is a state of your mind. But if I can have a direct realisation of Him, can I say that He is just some words, some letters? I then say, “No, He is a directly perceptible God. He is not just word for word’s sake.” We are seeing the sun directly, seeing its rays, and seeing all other objects of the world like water, air, animals and beasts. Are all these imaginary things? As these are directly perceptible, so also is God.

Yo devagnou yoapsu yo vishwam bhuvanamavivesha
Ya oshadhishu yo vanaspatishu tasmai devaya namoh namaha

Meaning : The Almighty Supreme Lord who is present in fire, in water, in the entire universe, in the medicines and plants, I prostrate to Him again and again.

The ancient sages have said that the God who is in the water, who is in all elements, I prostrate to Him. That, God is prevailing in everybody—is it only talk for the sake of talking?

Oh believer, if you have the faith then notice that the shower given by the clouds, that the leaves of the tree that are falling, all are speaking about my God. Can anybody confuse you if you have true belief? Who has the guts to say, “Come worship me?” If I can see my God directly then each of my six inherent vices like lust, anger etc will say, “We do not want to rule over you”. Then they will cooperate with me in all my good work. Is the Supreme Lord just a word? No, He is my real perceptible God. Who will be of help at the time of my death? Where are those people with whom I had exchanged views on religious topics? Where are my earlier friends of this world? I have just realised, where would I have stood today, had I sold myself to my old friends? What would have been my condition? What would have been my condition if I had relied on those for help, who were friends in this world? No one in this world is mine. My Lord alone is the old—He alone is the the new. When I can say with all my heart, “My God, Here is my God,” He appears then. God is my Lord, God is my life. If and when my life and soul wants Him, then He can really be achieved.

He is the one who can be touched and felt. I conduct prayer from the podium. If people praise me, I feel happy and when they criticize, I feel pain. Such a prayer is not real. Why do I bother about praise or criticism when I pray to the Lord? Dear mind, tell me once who is your God for worship? Oh my religious friends, please tell me who my Lord is. It is He who protected me in my mother’s womb. He is the companion of my childhood and of my old age. The Lord never abandons us. I come to the Brahmosamaj and offer prayers. But I must see if these are true prayers. I do not want any community. I do not want Brahmosamaj, Hindu Samaj or Christian Samaj, nor do I want any groupism. Now I just want the Lord of my soul. Having worshipped all these days, have I been able to store anything in my heart or am I the same as I was before? Have I been able to face the test like that maid servant? Let the test come. I want the test. Like that maid I shall fall into the oil cauldron. Oh Lord I need only faith. I shall only utter “Haribol”. Oh Lord, snatch away everything from me, take me to the crematorium, throw me into the hot cauldron, let my bones and flesh burn to ashes. I will pass the test and say “Haribol”, “Haribol”. Who is such a friend? If there is any, he may do a truly friendly act by burning me in the funeral pyre. The real act of friendship will be this. I do not want honour or fame. Make me pure by burning. I have failed to be pure as yet. My mind swings in various directions. My mind becomes anxious with the thought that I have failed to be right as yet. Bless me, all of you so that my heart becomes pure and I serve the Lord after achieving purity.