Lectures and Sermons of Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sl. No. 19 - Sermon - (Significance of God being born to Boudev in the womb of Devaki.)

Kakiniya Brahmomandir
Saturday, 31st Ashwin 1293 Bengali Calender [1887 A.D.]

Gist of the Sermon

It is written in the scriptures that once Parvati asked Mahadev, “Oh Lord, God is limitless, complete. How is it that he was born to Bosudev in the womb of Devaki?” Mahadev then said, “Devi, this has a significance.” I am explaining that significance to you.

The word Vasudev means—the one who lives in the entire world, and in whom the whole world exists, that is the Supreme Lord. The word Bosudev means pure heart and Devaki means devotion. When the human soul becomes pure and devotion generates in it, God manifests in that soul. This manifestation of God in the pure heart of the devotee is called the birth of Vasudeva from the union of Bosudev and Devaki. The heart in which God reveals Himself dances with joy. That is why it is called ‘Nandalaya’ or the place where god resides. Who is Yashoda? She is all the good deeds of the devotee. The more a devotee, while floating in joy, does pious deeds and good to others, the more God becomes secured in his heart. The word ‘go’ (or cow) means the senses. God is the protector of the senses. That is why he is called ‘Gopal’. The activities of the senses are called ‘goshtha’ or the grazing ground. The good intents of the heart are the companions of Gopal, the cowherd. Love is Shree Radhika. The companions of love are the other faculties of the soul, the consorts. What is the sound of the flute? This is the sweet note of God in the soul of the devotee. The senses hearing this note once, do not want to engage in anything of one’s own, until hearing the sweet note again. The senses no more remain enemies, they turn friends. Only then it is realised, how helpful they are as friends. Men become blessed by serving God with them. What are ‘Aghasur’ and ‘Bakasur’? They are evil tendencies. Kamsa means samsar. God destroys the samsar in the form of Kamsa and asuras in the form of evil tendencies. Actually by worshipping God, the souls of human beings become holy, float in love, attachment goes away for ever.

Our condition is so miserable because some of us worship lust, some of us worship fame, instead of worshipping Him. The devotees say, do not worship other gods and goddesses. What does it mean? This means that, do not worship any other desire or attachment. By one’s own effort, one cannot worship God or achieve love and devotion. The mind cannot be calmed down or become engrossed in meditation by effort. There is no way but to appeal to Him with an extremely solicitous tone and beg for His grace. Once his refuge is sought with a humble attitude and absolute surrender, He does reveal Himself, the heart becomes pure and full of love. Then the senses, their tendencies no longer commit any sin wilfully. They become loyal to God on hearing the music of His flute. Where will the senses go leaving Him? Where will they find such a charm? Can they have attachment to anything else once they see such a beauty, eternal knowledge and bliss? God then plays various leelas (sports) in the heart of the devotee. Can this be understood by arguments and analyses? Enjoyment of this state is wisdom. What will you understand by studying the scriptures? The Vedas and Vedanta are forests. However much you may search in the ocean of scriptures you will see everything as “not this”, “not this”. Only when he manifests in the heart does it become Vrindavan–Vaikuntha–Golak–Brahmalok. Then the moon, the sun, water, land, people, the universe, everything become paripurnamandam, full of absolute bliss. Then, like the foot print on the snakes hood we find God’s foot print on everything, on our brothers and sisters and can no longer disown anybody as not our own. The entire universe thus belongs to us. It is not imagination or an allegorical tale. God can indeed be seen like this. His name is shining bright in my bones and blood. It is no imagination. It is absolutely true—true indeed. May we worship Him genuinely by relying on His grace.