Lectures and Sermons of Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sl. No. 22 - Inauguration - (God - Can we see him?)

Dhaka - East Bengal Brahmomandir
Sunday, 13th Agrahayan 1293 Bengali Calender [1887 A.D.]

Worship of the Lord is prevalent everywhere. There are different arrangements for His worship in all places of human habitation. All humanity is worshipping the creator in different ways. We find various ways of worship in various countries. Outwardly we just see the methods of worship and the temples, but what is He? Where is the Lord of the universe, the father and mother, the Supreme Lord? Had He been unachievable, had He been just a figment of imagination, then people of different countries would not have performed religious functions with deep yearning since time immemorial. There are many places where celebration of the Lord is going on continuously since many years without a moment of break. The Supreme Lord is the one who can be seen directly. Some do get a direct vision. At times when one person sees Him, a thousand become hopeful. Even if one person can declare, “I have seen Him directly”, a thousand have hope. While going through the history of any land, we find that God has preached His glory there. All these are not imagination, the Supreme Lord can indeed be seen. If people were to see darkness all the while with eyes closed, then no one would have worshipped Him with such eagerness all the time. He is not just the word “Supreme Lord”. He does exist—that Absolute being is present ! Thus when we go to Him in the proper manner with a deep yearning in our heart we are able to see Him. His worship is a thing to be experienced directly and because it is so, men and women of all countries pray to Him about their wants. He is not a matter of hollow expression. He can truely be seen. If I can truely see before me and say, “Here He is”, my heart becomes bright, the entire universe becomes full of light, my heart floats in bliss. That is why the sages have said, Anandam Brahamanovidyan na bibheti kutashchana (Means : One who knows Brahman as Bliss has noting to be afraid of). He is direct, alive, glowing self. He can be seen. We have come just not to talk, but we are here to see Him. We should set ourselves to worship with absolute yearning. May He fulfil our wishes.