Lectures and Sermons of Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Gosaiji)

Sl. No. 23 - Sermon - (Power of true belief)

Dhaka - East Bengal Brahmomandir
Sunday, 13th Agrahayan 1293 Bengali Calender [1887 A.D.]

I have heard a story, possibly many others are aware of this. Once a city in Europe suffered from dearth of rain. Seeing the suffering of the people, the religious persons present there wanted to pray to God for rain and proceeded towards the church one night. A boy was also going with them. Everybody saw that the boy was carrying an umbrella on his shoulder. Out of curiosity someone asked the boy, “Hey, no one is carrying an umbrella. Why are you carrying an umbrella unnecessarily during this period of draught and at night ?” The boy replied. “Why, you all will be praying for rain. Now if I do not carry an umbrella how can I find an umbrella to return home when it starts raining?” All were surprised to see the faith the boy had in prayers. As they reached the church, the priest duly conducted the prayers. With single minded attention everybody prayed. So did the boy, with total earnestness. Subsequently when everybody came out, some clouds were noticed in the sky and in no time the entire sky was covered with cloud and it started raining cats and dogs. The boy said, “See, you people did not carry umbrellas along. You could have returned home easily like me had you done so.”

If we have the true belief, that by telling the Supreme Lord, our sufferings are eradicated, prayers are fulfilled, then we too shall achieve the condition of that boy. The core of dharma is this faith. Fulfilment of dharma is not achievable by logic and argument. The child makes an unreasonable demand, “Mother, give me that.” The child has no logic, no argument, but has the faith of surely getting it on his demand, from his mother. That is why he cries when hungry. Similarly, prayer does not happen through logic or arguments. Prayers emit spontasneously from the heart when there is the faith that we shall get what we want. Habitually we hold by hands, see by eyes, walk on feet. Similarly prayer also is human nature. For want of money we ask the rich, for medicines we go to the doctor. These too are prayers.

The desire to meet wants is also a prayer. We also pray to the servants for certain necessities, and when we tend to get drowned in water, we shout, “Oh brother hold me.”This also is prayer. When I was a child, I knew nothing but mother. Remaining in her lap I used to swing my leg towards a lion or a tiger present nearby and frown at them. On seeing a good piece of cloth or a good object I used to ask my mother, “Mother, give me that.” I had the faith that mother could give anything. As I grew older I found that there are some such wants which my mother could not fulfil. Then I became engaged in seeking the help of those who could fulfil these wants. Thus if there be such a want which none in the entire universe can meet, we look for the one who can fulfil that want. The one to fulfil that want is beyond samsar—the Almighty Supreme Lord. Human souls surrender to Him. If once, the one suffering from the heat and fire of this samsar as a consequence of sins, grieves and even unknowingly calls out, “Who is there around? please remove my sufferings.” He will immediately hear somebody responding, “Have no fear, here I am.” He will develop faith on hearing this once, twice, thrice. If he then asks, “Who is the one that is giving me assurance? Please appear before me.” Then that terminator of pain and sufferings, appears before him and says, “Look, here I am.” Thus He replies to questions, appears in form. Does it leave any room for arguments? We then reject arguments and appear before Him again and again. The way I used to swing my legs pointing at wild animals while sitting in my mother’s lap, in the same way, I sit in the lap of my Mother of the universe and show my legs to everybody.

What is there to pray to my Mother? I make demands. I do not follow your formal language. I say so many words, I want and demand so many things. You all say Mother does not give money, medicines. No, my Mother gives me everything, wealth, medicines, passes her hand over my body caressingly, makes me sleep. Monarchs and kings do not give me anything, but my Mother gives me everything.

Just stand up once and say, “Who is there in this world?” Do not say words that you have picked up from others like the “Supreme Lord”. Just say “Who is there in this world, do save me.” You will then see the fun. If my mother wants, then here itself she can bring in a thousand suns, moons, oceans. You do not find this in logic and arguments.

What can be beyond the capacity of my mother who has created the entire universe? I have my mother, I will go away in delight. Anandam brahmano vidyan na bibheti kutashchanah (Means: One who knows Brahman as Bliss has noting to be afraid of). If you have faith in prayer, then you will have to come with an umbrella like that boy. Who creates this water? It is Mother. Neither the sun, nor the air, nor the cloud—none of them creates water. My Mother makes flower on plants, fishes in the water. Don’t you get drowned in water? Mother has kept fish in the water and you on land. Mother has kept some in the air, some in thr fire. Should we still disbelieve even after seeing all these? The one whom we call Endless, cannot be realised by intellect. He is self revealing. It has been said by a saint, that just as one cannot climb up to the sky by holding the flow of rain drops, in the same manner, it is impossible to achieve the self revealing God with the help of intellect. Look at Mother once, it is fun! You will have a direct vision of the present world and the world beyond, in her. It is true—all that is present can be seen in her. It will not do to call on the basis of logic and reasoning—call with faith that this is the real Mother. My Mother gives me everything. This is not something based on hearsay. It is based on my observation. I have seen it—I say emphatically. I have seen it. It is not a hearsay. My Mother has many sons rich as kings. I am a destitute, worse than an insect, lower than the lowest. When she soothes even my heart, then no one should fear – all can be hopeful. If an insect like me can have her blessings then none else should fear. All will hear “Have no fear, have no fear.” I have got proof of this. My Mother is the true Mother. I have got the signal that all will get her. Call her when you are insulted, in your sins and persecutions. All your troubles, lack of faith will go. My Mother is full of everything. My Mother is full of bliss. None of you should stay in sorrow. I feel very sorry when someone is unhappy. Have no fear. Anandam brahmanovidyan nabibheti kutashchana. Jai Ma Anandamoyee!! Victory to Mother Anandamoyee!