Shree Mamoni - Jivan Darshan evam Divya Leela Anubhuti

Name of the Book Shree Maa Mani Part-1

Shree Maa Mani Part-2

Language Hindi
Author Shree Ma Mani
Translator Shree Amit Brahmachari
Publisher Shree Ramavtar Sharma

A brief introduction of Shree Shree Ma Mani

(Shree Mata Sarojini Mitra)

Shree Shree Ma Mani was earlier known as Sarojini Mitra. She was born on 26th Chaitra in the Bengali year 1290, at the village called Galsi in Burdwan district. At the age of ten, she was married to Shree Harihar Mitra – the eldest son of Shree Bipin Bihari Mitra who belonged to the noble Munshi family of Beletore village in Bankura district. A few years later, Ma Mani’s younger sister was married to Ma Mani’s brother-in-law Shree Bibhuti Bhushan Mitra. In this manner, the two sisters became members of the same family.

Ma Mani did not bear any child. So, she adopted her brother-in-law’s three year old daughter Sukriti as her own child. Ma Mani brought up Sukriti with deep affection. But a few years later; the mercy of God turned out to be fierce, Sukriti died suddenly. It was quite hard for Ma Mani to bear this upheavel. She continued to live according to her Guru’s instructions.

At the age of about thirty, Ma Mani received diksha from Shree Jagadbandhu Maitra – a disciple of Shree Shree Goswami Prabhu. She strictly followed the rules, obeying what they said.

On 25th Kartick of Bengali year 1348 (10th November, 1941 A.D.), the day of Bhratri Dwitia, she lost her husband. Having no children, she then faced various tests of fortune, and got Divine instructions from Goswamiji. Gradually, she diverted all her mind towards God.

Shree Shree Goswami Prabhu said - ‘‘If for once a person feels that he has to realise God or to reach the Almighty at any cost – be it a question of life or death, when the ‘all seeing’ Person sees this state of his, He then Himself frees the person from any type of bondage of life.

If a man serves me, I bring his ruin. If he serves me even then, I make him my ever loving servant.

This is very true. But does God cause any evil to men? No, He only removes those happiness which are obstacles in the path towards Himself; and in this way He does good to all. When all ties of love are broken, only then does the inner power awakens. No one can stop the flow of that power”.

These words of Goswamiji proved true in Ma Mani’s life. Amidst various circumstances; she came to Vrindaban in 1956, obeying her inner voice. There she stayed at Dhir-Sameer Kunja. After coming to this holy place; she bought a painting of Shree Shree Gopal and always remained engrossed in chanting the naam. Few days later, with the help of Goswamiji’s blessings; she witnessed Braja-Lila i.e. Divine Sports of Vrindaban.

About this, Ma Mani had said:–

“At this time, I was fortunate to witness the Braja-Lila with the help of Goswamiji’s blessings. Everyday, when I sat to worship God, I saw his Lila and had conversations with him. The happiness which I felt on seeing these unearthly sports is inexpressible in words. There is nothing in this world with which I can compare those lila. I feel grateful for the blessings which I received from Goswamiji. About 36 years after my diksha, Goswamiji opened the door of Divinity for me. At Shree Vrindaban, I worshipped God from 3 in the morning till 8-9, and also from 4 in the evening till 8-9 in night. I went nowhere. At that time; Goswamiji showed me the heavenly lila of Shree Shree Radha-Krishna, gave me valuable advice, and instructed me to note down whatever we conversed. From then onwards, everyday I see that lila and converse with him. After 10 P.M. at night, I remain with him in the ever-lasting lila for the whole night, he converses, and gives advice or answers to letters. I am not much educated. I don’t know the alphabets of Bengali even. But I am able to write difficult Sanskrit hymns, stotra, staba (hymns and odes of praise) and discussions on shastra, I don’t know how. I feel surprised. Parts of these writings are published in the form of books on receiving orders from Shree Mahaprabhu and Shree Shree Goswamiji. (‘Jeevan Gatha – Ma Mani’)

The list of books concerned with the darshan of Ma Mani:–

1. Shree Shree Vrindaban Lila.
2. Shree Shree Sadguru Upadeshamrita – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Part and remaining.
3. Shree Shree Purushottam Lila.
4. Rishi Vani.
5. Sar Sangraha Madhurima
6. Shree Shree Sadguru Amar Vani (Triveni)
7. Jeevan Gatha – Ma Mani

In the year 1957 A.D., she came to Shree Khsetra (Puri) following Shree Goswamiji’s orders. She had travelled twice earlier to Shree Khsetra and to Haridwar. Besides, she had dwelt at Kashi for quite a few days.

Ma Mani breathed her last at Shree Khsetra on Puri 22/12/1966. According to her earlier instructions, she was cremated at Puri Swargadwar; and the deities she had worshipped daily, were immersed in the sea.

Ma Mani was initimately connected to Shrimat Swami Asimananda Saraswati (Ramchandrapur Ashram), Thakur Shree Shree Sitaramdas Omkarnathji, Shree Shree Durgaprasanna Paramhansaji, Shreemat Swami Paramananda Saraswatiji and others.

- Swami Amalananda Saraswati

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